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what is it?

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posted on Mar, 20 2006 @ 10:47 AM
Brainwaves don't physically manifest like that... and I have never ever heard of such a thing before. Where are you getting this from?

If he saw the orb himself and he was totally exhausted, I could believe that maybe his mind was playing tricks on him and he started to see things because of different brainwaves, etc. But this is a PICTURE. Cameras aren't affected by brainwaves. Stop making over-complicated, ridiculous claims about dust

The brainwave cycles, the VERY SMALL amount of electrical energy, etc is all irrelivant, and just rambling facts about something completely unrelated.

Scientists calculate that if all 10 billion interconnected nerve cells discharged, something like five millionths to 50 millionths of a volt would be recorded.

Think about an AA battery. That's 1.2 Volts. Now think about how small a millionth of a volt is. On top of the fact that there is no way all of your nerve cells would ever discharge at once unless POSSIBLY if you were having a seizure or something, that's still not even enough to power a small fan or motor. And it's also contained in your body to keep you alive, not randomly shot out into the air for no reason.

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posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 04:59 PM

Thank you for your input.

Yes it was taken with the built in flash, I don’t know why there is no exif data on it.
I didn’t notice the circle at “C” in the mirror. In the pic however, it seems to be above the level of the bed trim.

Why shot over shoulder? The room was in total darkness and I was alone in it. I often take speculative shots from the waist, over the shoulder etc. The S5500 seems to take reasonable pix using its in built illuminator, with no need to use the viewfinder, which ruins night vision anyway. This particular room had 23 previous shots with nothing unusual. I took this photo as I left the room. The reason for this posting is because I can’t explain it. Your imagination can take you to all sorts of places. When I first saw the pic, I felt it was as if, whatever the subject was, had waited until I was leaving the room before coming down from the top of the bed!!! LOL Crazy eh.
Just before I left the room I had a feeling that I cant explain. It was as if a goldfish bowl was over my head…like a fuzziness, a dull throb and like a high pitch white noise. Weird.


A blow-up at point B shows no further detail than that in the first picture in this thread.


Not sure of the brainwave hypothesis.

The way I see it, this could be:

1) A moving point particle (dust e.g.). If it is moving dust or whatever it is brighter at the bottom right of its path. A reasonable explanation could be it is either slower here or moving more in the direction of the camera so its exposure is longer hence brighter.
The distance travelled in the 1/64th second is relative to the distance from the camera; the maximum distance would be from inside of the trim at the top of the bed (I would guess about 10 foot maximum but I would have to return and repeat the pic for control, not something that will happen in the near future). I can’t tell its distance or its speed.

2) A fibre / hair with multiple reflections from imperfections in the surface.

3) Defective camera. The camera has taken thousands of pictures before and after this event and have never had a repeat of this artefact.

If it were not for the fact that I had taken the photo myself I would have suspected a bit of tampering with a circle tool in Photoshop or something.

Any other ideas anyone?

Thanks all



posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 02:58 PM
Just offering a paranormal aspect to your post so it isn't thrown into the defective equipment forum

Chances are theta, delta, alpha and beta wave projections of mental images aren't photographable no matter who is projection them. The hundreds of orbs I saw were mostly cobalt blue and ranged in size from baseballs to beach balls. You have a strange looking face in the mirror btw looking directly at where that white ball is, it is made up of the dark spots.
And there is another telepathic incoming mass outside garnering the lines of light and darkness in the bright white light. These things I sense from thousands of hours of mirror meditation and direct confrontation of the ends of peoples brainwaves. It is a new and different thing that I can do now, see or sense the living spirit floating around in others spaces from pictures, interesting, thanks for sharing
I have had a person see the same panther in the tree with a white porcelian face mask over it as a vision. I have had a person sense what I saw which was a flock of geese cahnge to large bats as they flew overhead in the moonlight in the wwee hours of the morning.

It would be really interesting to me if anyone else can see the entities in the mirror or sense other presences of living spirit brainwaves form this picture.

love to all
Honor Seed


posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 03:19 PM

Originally posted by Yarcofin
Brainwaves don't physically manifest like that... and I have never ever heard of such a thing before. And it's also contained in your body to keep you alive, not randomly shot out into the air for no reason.

[edit on 20-3-2006 by Yarcofin]

Wrong on two counts Yarco. Brainwaves do manifest in as many respects as you have senses outside your body. They also leave the mind for no reason I know of, scientists have measured brainwaves 4 feet beyond the head. I sometimes see auras which are 50 million brainwave ends possibly hitting a hyperspace drive that accelerates them into the common collective living consciousness. When you consider the number of people on earth and multiply that times one volt or even a half volt, you get a tremendous charge. I have felt about 100 volts go through me at various times. At the least maybe I have been simultaneously connected telepathically to 200 people. At the most I was getting a partial discharge of electricity from the entire worlds non-braindead population. This theory is more likely as I telepathically relate to the common consciousness better than I do the idiosyncracies of individuals in my opinion. THe filters of individuals are mind grids woven by experience, thinking and conclusions.

love the experienced who share their ideas, respect the doubters who forge the concept and always leave open the possibility yur ideas are false. No theory of worth ever states 'there is no possible way I am wrong.'

Honor Seed

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 03:28 PM
Looks like a legit orb to me. Usually real orbs are detailed rather than just white splotches or circles on the image. The more detailed the more likely it is NOT a dust particle or reflection. This orb is small but is in motion.

Some say the Grays move about in this fashion and other aliens too. Other people interested in this subject think it is ghosts, spirits etc. Myself I can't see why it could not be either aliens or spirits.

Thanks for sharing because it isn't fun being ridiculed by people that don't know anything about the subject.


posted on Mar, 23 2006 @ 03:28 PM
yeah looks like a legit orb to me too Deny. The only time I have seen trails tho was when I moved my hand through a energy cloud and it left impressions of my hand and arm in diminishing visibility after the hand. It was strange because a crane fly was flying around inside the home here and landed twice on my hand after I stopped moving it. So it may well be what is photographed is the combination orf the white orb moving through an energy field. There seems to be a tremendous amount of paranormal energy at that location at that time. Like I mentioned I see and sense it both inside and outside.
The other thing was the way the picture was taken over the shoulder, and I'm guessing in a rather quick non-chalant way. I have picked up a handheld mirror and looked over my shoulder to suddenly see fully formed people walking through my place. Turned and saw nothing. It seems to catch visions by surprize to take quick looks in directions not expected by them using a mirror. So if there is anyway to photograph them, it would be the way it was done. They may want to be photographed, but are camera shy.
I mean more scared of us then we of them. And this may be why people get a feeling of dread from shadow people. It's not they are scaring us, it's that they are scared of us real hardcopy people.

love them scared incoming telepathic brainwaves, I'd be scared to if I was coming into my own brain, lol
Honor Seed

posted on Mar, 23 2006 @ 03:40 PM
Forget that, dude! What about this alien ghost looking in the window?

YOUR picture, on the other hand, shows a fingerprint smear on the mirror in the background. Yes, that's right! Just like those other smears on the mirror. It looks out of focus because it's the smear and its close reflection.

Mystery solved! Thank you!

[edit on 23-3-2006 by Enkidu]

posted on Mar, 23 2006 @ 06:50 PM

That is no alien tis but flash reflection on a grimmy window.

The moving point / fibre anomally is on the camera side of the bed trim. The mirror is on the far side of the bed trim and does not extend past the right of the pictured bedpost.

The anomally is actually in front of a doorway in the background...that is why the background here is a different colour from the mirror!! You really should look more closely at the image. The mirror does not play any part in this anomally. I wish it did, if it had reflected the anomally it may have been usefull in working out the location of it (the anomally) and thence perhaps speed of movement or maybe a second perspective enabling its true shape or origin..a piece of lint perhaps!!

MM Homers Donut

posted on Mar, 23 2006 @ 07:05 PM
A flying alien centipede

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posted on Mar, 24 2006 @ 06:22 AM
Hi All


Yes I understand that the brain has something like 10 watts of power and I have read what you have said about neural discharges giving off 5 – 50 millionths of a volt.
Even if such an event were to occur what mechanism would allow it to manifest itself in a digital image? I am not sure what the voltage is on a single CCD pixel, but even if it was low enough to allow the discharge to corrupt its data it surely would not be strong enough to get through the cameras shielding? This leaves the lens aperture and that was pointing away from myself. Interesting thought though. Bit like using good old film as a radiation detector I suppose!!

I see what you mean about a face it looks like its in stone and looks glum. But I believe it just to be smears on the glass. I “sense” nothing else though.

Yes, it was a speculative over the shoulder shot. I often do these by habit. Often of course you yell, “flash” to allow others to preserve their night vision. This occasion was fortunate in that I was totally alone… from living humans in any case.


Occam's Razor eh? Yes, the dust particle.
Well that is what I have been trying to establish.
If it is a single particle of “stuff” I cant be sure of size, distance or speed. Using the picture framed in the camera viewfinder and a ruler I have reckoned the anomaly travelled a visual arc equating to around 1 cm at 10 cm distance, which equates to about 2.3 kph. I suppose a fast moving dust particle could move at 64 cm per second not sure of the turn though. I reckoned on 10cm being the closest an object could get to the camera and still be illuminated by the built in flash. I reckon the maximum distance was around 10ft / 3metres and this figure extrapolates to a distance travelled of approx 30 cm…. nearly 70 kph!!! LOL though my math isn’t good.
These figures are just a guesstimate. I will, when I have time, experiment a little more.


As you say it is a picture. I was not exhausted; I only had the “goldfish bowl” feeling I mentioned on page 2-second post. I did not see anything with the eye itself. Like you say I cannot see how even a total discharge of brainwaves would affect the camera…and I did not have a seizure!!!

Is it dust, hair, fibre, cobweb, moth, orb or spirit. I still don’t know.

Is it paranormal? Well the reason for posting here is the fact that I had that strange feeling just prior to the pic and that the previous 23 photos show no anomalies.

I know the mind plays tricks and I do wonder if some paranormal experiences are the result of over active imagination. Lets face it; all our perceptions of the world around us are the result of our imagination and our own biases, interpreting information. Like those ink blot pictures we don’t all see things through the same eyes. Some people will never get those magic eye pix.
I have had strange feelings, seen and heard stuff that I am not sure of. But is it imagination or a manifestation?
I have for years scoffed at a lot of this paranormal stuff. I would like to believe but all there ever really is is another fallible human beings experiences witnessed by other fallible human beings or some dodgy photo / video.
The night of this picture in another room I saw what I can only call a mist, about half a metre wide, at around head height, that quickly moved for about three metres left to right, it was a dark room but it is as if the mist was illuminated for a second or so. I am aware that I saw “it” but have no idea what “it” was. There was no artificial lighting around that area. I went to investigate the spot. While standing there I felt a coolness down my spine…possibly because I felt a little unnerved at what I had seen I don’t really know. Then above me in my peripheral vision I say an illuminated greyness, I looked up but it was gone. Was it all imagination? I will never know.

The way I see it we are all the centre of our own personal universe and its rules are what we want them to be…well sometimes…LOL.

Thanks all for your interest


posted on Mar, 24 2006 @ 06:39 AM
What on earth are you all talking about?!

Swamp gas from a weather balloon was trapped in a thermal pocket and refracted the light from Venus.

And as such the camera lens produced multiple light refraction phenomena.

posted on Mar, 29 2006 @ 03:00 PM
It reminds me of the CGI water manipulation they done in "The Abyss".

The brightest part of the object, B, on the photo I posted earlier either indicates that the object either:

1. reflected more light

2. paused more time in that area

3. created a greater mass due to it's direction - i.e. straight toward the camera.

posted on Mar, 29 2006 @ 03:04 PM
Pure and simple smears on a mirror. To the left of the bedpost and carried on to the right. Looks nothing like an orb.. to me that is though.

posted on Mar, 29 2006 @ 03:42 PM
Dust or something like it being reflected from the built in flash.

Here is the exif data

Model = FinePix S5500
Orientation = top/left
Software = Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows
Date Time = 2006-03-17 18:10:40
Copyright =

Exposure Time = 1/60"
F Number = F2.8
Exposure Program = Normal program
ISO Speed Ratings = 200
Exif Version = Version 2.21
Date Time Original = 2006-01-15T02:39:29Z
Date Time Digitized = 2006-01-15T02:39:29Z
Shutter Speed Value = 6 TV
Aperture Value = 3 AV
Brightness Value = -2 BV
Exposure Bias Value = ±0EV
Max Aperture Value = F2.83
Metering Mode = Pattern
Light Source = unknown
Flash = 0, 0, 3, 3, 3
Focal Length = 5.7mm
Color Space = sRGB
Exif Image Width = 480
Exif Image Height = 360
Sensing Method = One-chip color area sensor
File Source = DSC
Scene Type = A directly photographed image

Thumbnail = 160 x 120

1/60th of a second is pretty slow of a shutter speed. that could be dust reflected and the camera moving a touch. Doesn't take much movement to create camera shake.

Orbs are just a figment of flash reflections. You RARELY see an orb photo without a flash.

posted on Mar, 29 2006 @ 05:26 PM

Hi again. Yeah, "The Abyss" wasn't it a probe or something? That really would be something !!! Your three points are noted I think I indicated similar thinking earlier.


Hi, I dont think I have said I thought it was an orb. I'm not sure what you mean by mirror smear. Do you mean on the camera? (Its digital) Or do you mean on the wall there is not a mirror behind the artifact / anomally. Thanks for your input.


The exif data is mostly correct, it is from the site image, I suppose.
Photoshop was used to reduce the original 2272x1704 image to 480x360 for upload. It was created with Fuji Finepix which has the focal length as 6mm.

I have stated my ideas regarding this image dust / fibre previously in this thread. Not sure about camera shake the rest of the image is quite sharp and the fabric trim in the area of the anomally does not seem to have moved as much as it...or in the same direction!!

I have posted this image because I would like to know what the artifact is.
I am open minded about it and just trying to be rational and objective. The only thing I have indicated that may be considered paranormal was the feeling I described earlier prior to the pic. The puzzle is all photos before and since have nothing like it. The camera has taken 1,000 of pix and I do ocassionally get so called "orbs" which I tend to dismiss as airborne particles..mostly because it suits my rational mind to do so.
That doesnt mean the possibilty that they could be paranormal aint there, just not proven to my personal standard of evidence.

This is the only pic in thousands I have taken, that I have had difficulty explaining.

Thanks all for your input.

posted on Mar, 30 2006 @ 12:42 AM
Is that i mirror in the picture, to me it looks like a bug, maybe a moth

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