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Federal Agencies Flunk Computer Security Tests

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posted on Mar, 15 2006 @ 11:22 PM
The Department of Homeland Security has once again failed to accomplish the task of computer security. The agency responsible for America's security is unable to even handle it's own vulnerabilities. They're not alone though, the majority of the Alphabet crew were no more secure. Astoundingly, the Department of Defense was even less secure than it was the year before (it also flunked) despite spending increases. The House Government Reform Committe reported that the results for 2005 were, overall, unacceptably low across the board.
You might expect the Department of Homeland Security to have one of the most secure computer systems in all of government. But you would be wrong.

The House Government Reform Committee released its annual report card on federal computer security and DHS — which got an F in 2004 — received another F for 2005.

The Department of Health and Human Resources, which would manage the bird flu if it reaches our shores, also got an F, as did the Departments of Energy, Agriculture, Interior and Veterans Affairs. Joining them at the bottom was the State Department, which earned a D+ in 2004 but dropped to an F last year, and the Defense Department which slid from a D to an F for 2005. The overall grade for federal agency computer security was a dismal D+.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Well, no surprise, but it's still offensive and ridiculous. The more money they spend, the worse the job is done. This is counter-intuitive, but the same exact patterns can be seen in public schools. Money has to be well spent, not just spent in quantity.

One big part of the problem is securing talent. The private sector will always pay better. Hence, more and more the state is contracting private firms to fulfill critical security roles. That's a recipe for disaster in my mind.

All that being said, is it possible that there is a concerted conspiracy to disarm and destroy the United States from within the government? What if these clowns know exactly what they're doing, with the economy, and the border, and the DHS, and foreign policy? What if they're sappers? I know it's far-fetched, but the inefficiency is unfathomable sometimes, and it makes me wonder about other potential motivations.

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posted on Mar, 16 2006 @ 12:41 AM
Can't say I'm really surprised. My short time with the USGS was ample proof that the "Peter Principle" was alive and well in government bureaucracy's, regardless of focus or intent. I don't see why the OHS should be any different.

Sorry, I don't think run of the mill bureaucrats could carry off a proper conspiracy with all the politics and sniping even in the lower GS ranks.
Even the part time workers weren't immune from the "snarky" mindset.

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