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Societies and money

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posted on Mar, 13 2006 @ 05:22 AM
I want to share my vision of this topic and find supporters.
In my opinion every secret society have started to make some money and to help each other.
Then with ages they turn to psychopatic path and turn to cult. So, they have become ineffective. The most known example : masons. Many will say that nowadays it is "old-style boyscout club". And that they have lost thir way and have lost thir knowledge.
Let's highlight the effective present day organisations. The best organisation that I know: RUSSIAN MAFIA.
The activities start from simple like CD or green paper production. And end in chemistry, bio, nuclear trade.
There are about 800 billions of dollars in assets under control.
Many members have become public and can be seen here
This is present day knowledge and secret that consist of 3 words.

Does somebody agree with me?


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