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Anyone ever been to croatia

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posted on Mar, 11 2006 @ 12:05 PM
i just want to ask if anyone has ever been to probably one of least recognized places in the world..CRoatia.

i probably go there every year and up until now i was young but now hell im ready to party..let me sum up things a bit

Expert: Mila Brekalo
Date: 1/23/2001
Subject: Legal issues in Croatia

Have a question regarding the differences in the Croatian laws verse the US laws. Am looking for any unusally laws or practices that I would take for granted in the US but would get me in trouble in Croatia. Thank You BJ

Hello Benjamin!

Thank you for taking time to write me your question. I am very glad that I can help answer it!

Dealing with your question about legal issues, you are very lucky because in Croatia there are not hardly any laws about anything. And if there are, they are not enforced. I can tell you now that there is no drinking age (your ability to walk and talk determines your age to buy alcohol) and the same goes with cigarettes. Also, there is no age required to get into discos..and unfortunately, they do not enforce the "No Drinking and Driving" rule because people are constantly driving drunk. And if they are drunk and driving and see a policeman, sometimes they don't even stop when asked to be pulled over. But, coincidently, my long time friend who I have always warned not to drive drunk finally got pulled over and his punishment? No jail, no court hearing...almost nothing. He simply got his license suspended for 3 months and has to pay 900 kune (about $100). Basically, Croatia is a very laid back country. Unfortunately, with their "laid backness" comes a lot of problems (almost all teenagers smoke and drink and marijuana is very commonly used over there)...but I don't think you will have anything to worry about.

In your question, you asked if there was anything that you take granted in the US that would get you in trouble in Croatia. I must say that the opposite is quite true. Everything that people take for granted in Croatia would definitely get a person trouble in America!!

I hope I helped answer your question. Please feel free to write back anytime you have any other questions


I know this summer is gonna be sweat. I cant wait to go down there, oh yea if any of you fellow atsers are gonna be near the facinity of ZADAR just post here.


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