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Thrive or Die?

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posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 09:34 PM
I posted the quote below already on "Alien Invasion...2012?" thread, only meaning to make a quick statement, maybe one or two sentences. But as I typed it I was on a roll, deep in thought. Here's what I came up with (sorry for the lack of well developed paragraphs and mediocre articulation. Once again: I was on a roll).

And I quote:

I personally believe that the reason for widespread UFO sightings and government involvment with them is thanks to the atomic bomb. Before then, we were just checked on, Greys just sending one or two scout ships to see how things are going. Maybe the reason for Grey-Human humanoid appearance is because we share a deep connection to them in our DNA. As we 'know', Greys lack genitalia. They reproduce their perfect race through cloning, unbelievably more advanced than ours.

Even in their early years of their cloning stage they knew their race was doomed. With every new clone, their DNA banks dwindled. Either by chance, pitstop, or search, they happened upon new Earth. It was then they knew to somehow fuse their DNA with our primate/early hominid ancestors. We share what? 98-99% of our primate's DNA? Take away the useless tail gene and tweak some others and there you go.

Wouldn't our similarities to the Greys be a lot more exlainable then? To this day that strand of DNA stays pure and unmutated, only evening itself out with the primate DNA. Ever since that fateful DNA infusion we've been under lock and key. Perhaps the Greys left their tell-tale signs of their return for the 'DNA harvest' via the Bible, ancient calanders, etc. January 2012 is when the set-up and preperations begin, the Grey civilization at it's final thousand strands.

Throughout the entire year, many important things are supposed to happen. Undeniable UFO sightings and the such. In December is when we have fufilled our purpose. It will then be known to us the harvestation is to begin, and our race as we know it is done for. We are the crops of the early Africans. They knew they would starve if they could not find a way to replenish our stock. We're grown until the Harvest Moon; 2012. The Greys prove once again why they are the omnipotent race.

What happens when they run out of DNA again? They don't. I personally believe abductions are done for a little extra DNA to keep them going until our judgement day, or maybe to implant tracking/controling devices to make it easier to gather us all up once it's time. No human will hide, as these implants will tap into the memory banks of abductees, giving the Greys directions to find everyone they know. Think about it: Do you really need to implant every human in the world to find them all? No. Everyone knows someone, who knows a family of someones, who knows the neighbors of a gigantic family of someones and so on. The very, very few that live alone, unconnected to everyone... the pariahs, hermits, recluses... they'll die eventually.

Tag 1/10,000,000th or so of the world and you have tabs on them all. And lucky Greys! We have genitals, they make us feel good, and they make us reproduce! As with any population growing under natural causes, it will eventually grow exponentially. We had about 3 billion of us in the 1950s. Over 6 billion of us now, 50 years later. Do you have any idea how long it took us just to get up to 1 billion? We've played exactly to the Greys' plan. The only reason they're so prevelant now is because they're trying to save/salvage the unique ones: the sevants.

Is it not possible these sevants have uncanny abilities (though some more useless than others) because they've tapped into their deep Grey origins? Not only are they sparing those who at least have some Grey talent, they also have their controlable human population for back at home? They won't run out of DNA because they have their ant farm right there! And as we know, most of the time Rainmen have that amazing ability, but they're quite dense otherwise. Either the Greys are really lucky to get all sevants that wouldn't be able to realize killing themselves and all the other sevants could eventually destroy the Greys, or they're just taking those that wouldn't realize/couldn't care less.

Even if all the sevants were to kill themselves off, I seriously doubt the Greys would only invest their DNA on one planet. They find sustainable planets with creatures that are either peaceful, or too stupid/doubtful too destroy themselves. As long as they can thrive for the time needed, they will be infused. This brings me back to my topic sentence: the A-Bomb. We're the kids that found daddy's gun and daddy needs to make sure we don't destroy anything.

Of course dad was watching the football game until he heard five gunshots, and by the time he got up there it was too late. The kids killed the family dog. The exact metaphor for us testing a few a-bombs and then eventually dropping two big ones on Japan. We were just targets in our room until old Spot bit Jimmy's hand in protest to the gunshots, Old Spot getting his for it. We released enough energy with the bombs to send a shiver into space.

Either that, or the Greys happened to have a scout ship around at the time of our first tests. It was then the Greys (dad) had to come and make sure we don't kill ourselves and ruin their investment. Ever since then, the Government thinks they're in cahoots with the Greys... nope. Dad just grounded us, averting our attention while he took away the gun, without us knowing it. Saddam refused to let us check if he had nukes: maybe it's because he did!

Do the Greys want an atomic holocaust, all their funding destroyed now that the lab rats have become even more irratable and have sharper nails? Nope. They were lucky everyone stopped it when the U.S. dropped the nukes. This time every world leader and their mother has 50 nukes, and an itchy trigger finger. They could've ignored their preset dates on the calanders and just harvested us after they heard our ruckus with the bombs. But they played it smart and let us keep on growing exponentially, according to their ancient calculations, until our last days.

Is this not plausable? Is this not the most likely reason for any Grey intrest in us at all? It certainly explains a lot. A LOT. If by the freak chance this ISN'T what they're doing, there must be a hell of a lot better/more crucial/sinister reason. But I doubt it.

End quote.

So, to reiterate, I ask you this: What do you think of this explaination? So far all I've heard is that Greys just happened to stumble upon us and want to help us along with our evolution. So far all I've heard is that they're war-bent, and only want to destroy us, sort of like a mean little child with a magnifying glass to an ant colony. So far, all I've heard is that they want to study us. This I doubt. Now I know some of my points may seem far-fetched, but think about it. Who's to say they see ethics? Who's to say there is such a thing as ethics in Grey civilization? Thrive or die, maybe that's what it is. Thrive through any means necessary. Despite my arguing that we may have deep seeded Grey DNA, we shouldn't think they view existance as we do. Maybe they do, but I doubt it. We have compassion, and see things in 'fair' and 'unfair'. 'Free' and 'suppresed'. To them... maybe these are just primitive, senseless notions.

What is they're purpose for being here? Why us? Is it just them? For how long? Just on Earth? Finally... how can we be enlightened, as a people, to the situation at hand. The truth. And must we defend ourselves? Can we, if needed? For mankind... is the hour of judgement upon us? Or are we doomed to live forever ignorant, never serving a purpose? Does man lack purpose? I believe this our greatest fear of all.


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