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general flow of words from my mind to this computer

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posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 08:26 PM
getting rowdy in the scrillicone valley

this here aint no joke

love it when i hit that

ohh cali-o!!!!!

my brother is watching star trek next generation and surfing the digital compound of the hyper regional computer interface. his PC. the weather is well, my brain is good, my heart is solemn, my mind exuberant, and my love for the world remains as such. we have a capacity towards exalting reverence and adeption of relienquishing harsh idealalistic tenacities towards the counfound insolence of the violent discourse associated with the ignorance of misunderstanding one another. for love for light for the universe i speak my part to pertub the onset of any darkness of heart my rhymes begin to find what heart this world has and let it be known we all have the capacity to be good!

let our brains commence fruition of insight unto this bleak technologically dominated sillicone cell phone automobile industrial computer network valley. my words will destory what discretions you advise through the harsh assumptions of demise im kicking it off california style with a dash to enlightenment fruition of light unto your mint ciggarrettes im unfaded to the dome mother *bleep* lets set it off.

compilation key 1 stay with my this is a long one




i am hoodless *bleep*

pick up the pump pick up the chump where we flowing i knowing that we can fix the pain of the state coming through like a solar nutrino fixing the ways of the world and then some flowing fat staying large coming califo dont you know make me feel the real way of the real bay large and in charge you know pick up the pump pick up the chump kick up the bump state calio fair you know coming through that hit and pop up in chump we care not for sacks and tracks but the keep and creep like coming through for a punk sucker, swerve and hit the curb smoke some *bleep* riding arse young, double forge like we talking thought this was a gangsta party, pump you over there, party over here, and if you wanna trip we got the datunakus near, comics renound my lyrics abound this be the trip set until you fade, cuz riders like us do platinum ever year, im looking all inconspicuous *bleep* nonchalant, playing straight fool connect game say a hustler never get to live as long i make a nickel on a dime a crime its nothing

da da daa daa a de de de daa daa

connect game fool compilation means to put together we will flow for your dome until your mind is in an alcoholic foam this is together like we know and how you do until that set trip has gotten the best of you here it is the kick off unto cheap arse liquor has the rest of us connect game fool straight up to your brain there is no rain in my mind only for the crime of hate to our peers we glear the shine of a dime sack upon your cells into your brain we spell doom say until that sack hits the black in your lung im strung like a web of knowledge mother *bleep* haha not a shot of fury or flouderous disease angst compelled inhibition intrigues until you find your key to happiness this aint no trip a set jip of cognizant rehibiliation for you unless your plight is hate there is no way to walk with you unless you find yourself and seldom block the state of a joke with you and your posse that is crew connect game fool i aint no ghoul but a man strong and true this is the way we do rip the rhyme this is a game like no other lyrical compiliation put together keep that flow not feeling low we are together in words and thoughts and that means the world to a guy who says not much and through cognition keeps you always and forever in his thoughts for my *bleep* hommies my women friends and ladies this is the flow of the universe connecting to your brain we will all find what we always seek just let it play on time the mind is a gentle thing our hearts fall to hate just like the romans corrupt arse state of affairs toppled the empire we can lyrically compile a radar of connection with love and light to no other plight this is my spell my speak my ryhme here lets kick it off like another *bleep* dime on a crime. 2006 mother *bleep*

no trouble fool this be the connect game main stay cailfo do not play trouble like set the rest in west hard time flying high set tripping like dipping no *bleep* we the west this be best like you know we on the set like no other guess what we know is all in the blow to your stale arse mind now tapped with a real cali mack this my compiliation state rehabilitatation work with the world focus on key states every ounce just as the mental gloss on that wound we heal make the hate obsolete live life young with out a gun until we nullify the loccstaz we just arent insane just lacking the crucial imperative important aspect of our minds properly functioning membrane of synapses connecting our brain matter this is the matter with the world today your just as lost as to what to say connect game fool i quit the trip we set chilled with the crypt dip into the dope we scope with our sights a lyrical plight to disrupt your dome make you think as i speak these words pressed from the key of my board onto this screen we swerve and hit the curb smoked some herb came up too much we thought too much long time since we have not a pinch of obligation to this world until you find your mark as an achievement we all have the capacity to make things better for everybody and everything to live by the gun to make people suffer harsh words from a brother we live in truth together as one this is the califo mack 11 san jose bay to the a live it up as we should you know he would like thug life *bleep* is the strife of my ailing inhibition marking the set trip up in your sector with the whole state of affairs like through a youngstaz wealthy heir digital punk with a schooling lyrical dunk through the big c cambpell straight easy breezy 40's straight we know the game with a blanket thought for the great name for the goal for the throne we know what we need some mother *bleep* riches as keen my mix to the *bleep* of *bleep* hate and blame with no *bleep* shame these *bleep* know all that is with no so shamed arse #ing heart for these mad trigs xm-22 the make the model that will posses you upon the tap of the barrel will let you know just how to blast and smatter through molecular combustion into a harsh realm of confusion our wars are seen by the kids overseen and we all pay through out the bay these wars are for nought our oil is a rot of this planet earth our leaders make it with our hard work this world knows what we can do is lead the fight for any amount of adherence to what is right you can do it the plight is the fight for independance and peace there is no violence when we all have a set piece of wealth and land unarmed this is flow for the world but you my comrades are the only ears for this flame of furious thought we police the globe as military industrial complex whores our missle defense is unsurpassed with laser light lock on capabilities we can commence intitiation of defense from the harsh threats to world peace we all see the eye on my name the game is the goverment who is watching you and known with all the discouraging garbage like mad set we know it be the connect game fool, like a flow hitting your dome cerebral contacts within the throne i can go for a million yards hit that game real far for the hope and conquer the rest we know this is that game for the rest we are the best coming straight from the west. peace mother *bleep* gaaahhhhhhh my mind in disgressing flow of unknown speculative fortune my escape my *bleep* is like ice cold hitting up that dome straight to my brain unfortunate blame hit that game set true like a mother *bleep* sane arse *bleep* with fortunes abound we sold the game long time ago with all the corperate capatalist cookies marching fortunes marking up the gold im sold the state is set with this true arse bet made like the illuminacity of your mind find what you seek and the game will fold like no other hold those riches there are no bitchs only ladies on the made arse island we call the north american united states of america fair we know that this is known what explosions what destroy theres hope and cause for the rest of the world if you know that there is a place to maintain then you can join the game of intrigue and digression back and forth true and through we hope the game doesnt end with you my ryhmes are spellings like the grammer school of sparce bammer we knows only what we see my vent is towering you the anger pertubed the delete of the button press be set through connect game fool mother *bleep* i see your mind read your thoughts hope that you stay but cant see the light theres more to this then meets the eye the prize is set triffle in the mind known upon this blanket agression i leave with you a bewildering digression speed up this read its almost a close until you set trip with that dope up into your dome i leave now for you to disguise that marker of awareness you hope no one will find love you all for this is the game be set with connect game fool, i love you all this is no disguise my set mother *bleep* heart no comprise of state of mind just me my thoughts my words no other we are the best we are the west mother *bleep* west side, and now you know mother *bleep* this be connect game fool, rambled up now your lost my words like a maze never found are the frought of plights until you seek dictionary dot computer always a true speak find your light your hope your glory my mind never fades until death does us part and my fortune of life and love for you these ryhmes might stale but so do you, like tupac once said let mercy be for the weak my lyrical onslaught will haunt you in your sleep

here is a reboost of mega ultra hyper devistation bum rushing barrage to your brain you cant fade this fame that be swelling up to enough of what you want lady i fair what you really need is the stare of my mind until you find the truth surrounding your needs of my speed of type unto your light

beunos of thought this intrigue is the ultimate plan in this digital land to swell up your dome make it mad like the foam of space time this world renound my vocabulary stiffle by the pound for pound stuck in the dope game my thoughts my hopes my dreams all in my brain stuck together like a synaptic anoid connecting my fame to glory and intrigues stuck like the neuron of furious flaming gamma coherncy brigding the games you once knew but like that fire of hope straight together these thoughts wien near to the end this is one mother *bleep* hopeless endevor, stuck in like a ninja star floating through the vector field of the dark white dwarves atmosphere that nears death we breath like fire from the dragons belly smoke and monstrous billows of molecules flowing through the housing compartments of my being these thoghts curve space time unseen like the mass of globular clusters that is a group of stars smashing and fusing those nutrino particles to flavores upon my dome as i sit outside fobbing it up with my smoke trailing up and beyond this is no less a breach of your brain then a lyrical barrage my of pristine speech this is the best in the west connection to my dome be the rest of the best connect game fool

san jose

two thousand and mother *bleep* six


stuart bastian rodriguez


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