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Physical "real" reptilians vs. the work of magic

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posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 12:53 PM
I've recently come into researching the "Cult of the Serpent", aka. the "Brotherhood of the Snake". I am reading William Bramsleys' Gods of Eden, and he talks about egyptian priests performing black magic. Could it be that Mr. Icke is confusing physical reptilians with the wizards of an elite brotherhood? The Illuminati, egyptian mystery schools and the reptilians could be exactly the same thing. I think the possibility that shape shifting (if it exists) is the work of black magic is very high.

Whether this confusion is accidentally or for the means of disinfo is open to anyones guesses.

posted on Mar, 11 2006 @ 10:43 AM
to my mind, davids main idea - that certain humans are shapeshifting reptoids - is misconceived.

im sure there are beings who can change their physical structure entirely, but if they can, they're not human like u and i as they arent physical in the same way.
though they may be human looking.

so rather than certain humans being shapeshifting reptoids, let us say there are beings who can change their shape to appear as a human (or whatever the circumstances dictate - maybe a ufo) and their are human beings who are 'possessed' (or, more accurately 'co-erced' as possession implies no free will) by these beings.

perhaps 'the goodies' (if their are any) never co-erce in terms of pushing beings to make certain choices but merely protect (but i suppose one could argue that this is a form of coercion).

as far as the serpent botherhood goes , i reckon this could be a group of humans in contact with another group of humans (off planet) who are in direct communication with hyperphysical entities of the 'reptilian' variety, who are, in turn, in communication with hyperphysical entities of the humanoid variety (nordics). compartmentalisation as above, so below.

something which may aid the control of certain highly placed beings (humans and otherwise) in the power pyramid may be the ingestion of a curious substance called monoatomic gold - there was a good article in nexus on the subject a while back. the cassiopaeans are also a valuable source on this and many other subjects.

any thoughts?

posted on Mar, 13 2006 @ 10:56 PM
I wonder if some of the reptilian humanoids are like "sure I was born physicaly a reptilian, but my soul is that of a human" and then they Role Play being human.

With all sorts of technology or metaphysical junk though they could do a bit more then the standard online role-playing.

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