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Is a new political party in the works?

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posted on Mar, 4 2006 @ 03:44 PM
What if we, the members of ATS, formed our own independent political party? What type of ideals would we have?

Could we vote to decide what ATs as a whole would support?

Would we lean Republican? Would we lean Democratic? Or would we dance to our own tune?

Where do you ven begin to build a foundation?

Would we support or disapprove of abortion? Could that question be answered with one word or would it require 27 1/2 pages of exceptions?

Would we support zero tolerance programs?

What type of foreign policy would we support?

What would we support as a legal drinking age? What about the age of consent?

Would we support "little black boxes" in cars (similiar to the black boxes on airplanes)?

What would be our policy in regards to natural resources?

Where do you even begin?


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