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terrorists foiled - BAE Warton targeted

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posted on Mar, 3 2006 @ 09:48 AM
Wow seems like these people really are desperate to get in high value targets. Seems like the locals did their bit to keep Warton safe... a bit of a worry though because if they are there with intent to cause damage, what about the plane spotters that go there? Fair game for a MoD sniper?

heres the article for you to read.

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posted on Mar, 3 2006 @ 11:45 AM
Hmmmm, 'The Sun'.

Sorry and all MadGreebo but first and foremost let's just remember that 'The Sun' are not exactly our most credible source of news.

It's also worth bearing in mind they are fully into the idea of curtailing individual freedoms here in the UK in pursuit of their idea of 'anti-terrorism'.

If you read the link it's all stacked with very open ended speculation, it's extremely non-specific and has very little of substance to really claim anybody was "foiled" trying to actually doing anything.
Note too that no-one official is named as attributed to saying anything of substance.

(and as for pages of Arabic just lying around?
Probably the sort of stuff in the same league as the 'I am an Islamic terrorist, honest' badges they would claim were found lying around, if it were remotely credible to anyone.

Sorry but knowing 'The Sun' - probably the UK's least reliable national tabloid - it just sounds like the added 'hook' to make grandiose and sensational claims about someone once seeing no more than a couple of tents which were quickly removed - moved on? - as you say probably if not almost certainly plane spotters looking for new 'black project' stuff or a glimpse of what's new with Typhoon.

Even tales of pairs of "bolt-cutters" (cooo, don't they make everything sound a little bit more scary, eh) are hardly proof of bin Laden and Co. being around the joint.

It also seems pretty obviously to me they are just relying on people being ignorant of the fact that Warton has plenty of really serious security, it has for decades......most of it just not so obvious.)

The big give-away is, as always, that no-one else is reporting this supposedly important story (usually a sign it's a slow news day and this story is pretty thin at best, totally bogus and serving The Sun in promoting their own agenda(s) at worst).

I could be proved wrong but from what they have offered up here (and the complete silence from all other outlets.......another Murdock outlet using the 'source' and spewing it out again doesn't count) I'd be very surprised.

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posted on Mar, 3 2006 @ 01:29 PM
If you look at my post, I never said I agreed with what the sun has printed, far from it.
I used to live very near warton, and spent alot of time near by watching all sorts of stuff flying around. I am suspiciouse of the islamic text lying around, but with just how high a target Euro fighter might be, its interesting. The post was intended to be a prod to any one with any more information.

Oh and the bolt cutters...well any one whos been to warton will have seen the fence trembler alarms...


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