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Princess Diana

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posted on Mar, 4 2006 @ 08:30 AM
i believe she was a ritual sacrifice, the Pont d'Alma had ritual significance to the illuminati - it was an ancient site of sacrifice to the goddess Diana. The Illumies love their symbolism, and like to play with reverse or mirror symbols. The day of Hecate is August 13th, Diana died after crashing into the 13th pillar on August 31st (reverse symbolism in action)

there are far too many discrepancies in the "official" story.

the original attending doctor (Mailliez) initially said she was alive, lucid and told him she was six weeks pregnant and that her injuries were realitively minor - not life threatening. Initial news reports also put her injuries as not life threatening. Mailliez later changed his story and those first reports were buried

Tha ambulance arrived around fifeteen minutes after the crash but did not leave for over half an hour - it then took over 45 minutes, on quiet roads to reach the hospital around 3.5 miles away - they passed other hospitals on the way and stopped by the side of the road for 10 mins - supposedly to administer an adrenalin injection, though the hospital medical staff deny this.
Her later reported injuries were of the type that demanded immediate stabalisation and surgery - the Val de Grace military hospital was nearer than the one she was taken to and had a trauma team that could very likely have saved her had she been taken immediately.

She was embalmed immediately, at the request of the british royal family, thus preventing any chance of a post-mortem and Charles himself personally collected her body within hours.

even the british police have questioned the validity of Henri Paul's blood sample, the alcohol and carbon monoxide levels were so high it's unlikely he would have been able to walk to the car, let alone drive - and his family and friends report that he hardly drank anyway and wouldn't have done considering he was on duty. There was no DNA analysis to prove the sample came from Henri Paul.

considering that this was such a high profile figure and that the circumstances warranted considerable investigation it seems odd that the police opened the tunnel to traffic ridiculously early, thus compromising evidence that may have been picked up by the accident investigation team.

the power to the cctv cameras in the tunnel failed 30 minutes before the crash.

the actions of the french police in their subsequent investigations was very questionable - there were potential witnesses seen leaving the accident site that were not traced and witnesses who gave reports to news teams at the site were not called on further. Some would suggest this indicaes either massive incompetance or complicity in a cover up.

wether you resonate with the idea of a ritual sacrifice or not there are too many unanswered questions and discrepancies around Diana's death, imo, for it to be put down to an accident.

just wanted to contribute to this as it's something that intrigues me, i hope this post may be of some small help to others interested.

thanks, peace.

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posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 02:27 PM
Someone mentioned the Quenn being in charge of the Committe of 300. Never heard of them. Who are they? A boardroom of shapeshifting lizards or what??

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