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Truth about abduction?

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posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 06:11 AM
I suffer a small range of sleep disorders, have done all my life. They have occured since I used to fit as a baby according to my mother, and believe that the fitting has made a permanent problem. The main 2 are "Night Terrors" & "Sleep paralysis".

In adult years, I have grown to control fear of the night terrors, these are not nightmares, there is no dream subject. Instead, they are more like a sensory malfunction on several levels. My vision & hearing become so very strange, the walls come close, sounds are hugely amplified but more bizzarly, so is silence - it bombards me, dont ask me to explain, I cant!

This though has started to merge with sleep paralyis, where your mind is awake but body asleep, the best way I can describe it. The result leads to the most horrifying of sensations, paralysis obviously, but also the feeling of people being around me. Its sort of like voices, more like a chant, with vague figures in the periphial. Not being able to move against your will, this is the worst part, ugh! I even once had a kind of out of body experience where I was seemingly in front of my own body, I felt a presence behind me and this was confirmed by breathing to the back of my head (I was alone in bed). I was horrified but was stuck so had to calm myself forcibly. It was then i realised the breathing and the presence was me!

I have read many accounts of abduction and so so many are extremley similar with many of these attributes. I think these conditions and/or similar could explain a lot of the accounts. Does anyone have any thoughts? Has anyone ever had similar experiences? I would be most interested in any replies.

posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 06:22 AM

I remember my night terrors usually occured when I was not sleeping in my own bed. I would wake up and panic, screaming sometimes, until I found the door and / or a light. I would not know where I was, and how to find the door / light. It was terrible. I have had sleep paralysis a couple of times but not as bad as that.

Abductions could be the combination with the hallucinagenics released when sleeping (or so I've heard / read).

- Nazgarn

posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 06:57 AM
We still no so little about the time in which we sleep, about what is actually happening and why.

I know that a dream, even a totally forgotten one, can quite dramatically affect my day in so far as my mood, demeanor etc. I just think that the mind is so powerful, and that sleep period can produce misunderstood but very powerful effects on us.

posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 08:41 AM
link mentioned that you felt you were having an "out of body experience" (OOBE)...

1. How many times have you experienced this (floating above your body) feeling?

2. Do you feel any "thumping" or "tingling" sensations in this process?

3. Do you hear any strange sounds? (e.g Buzzing)

4. Rapid Heart Rate Increase

All of these are indications of the astral body preparing to leave the physical body, along with the feeling of being cramped and surrounded or sensing another presence...AND BELIEVE IT OR NOT: PARALYSIS IS ANOTHER SIGN OF AN OCCURING OR AN OCCURED "OOBE"...

I am yet to experience a full scale (OOBE) but i have had minor indications of one...i am no expert on the subject but maybe it helps a little bit...

If you are interested on the subject and wish to find out a bit more on it, i reccomend a site which i have visited has some great tips, stories, advice and a great forum full of experienced, curious and MANY confused people like heres the link if your interested...

Hope it helps in some way...

posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 09:26 AM
Stakz, it has certainly opened my usual skeptical (not overly though!) mind to the whole OOBE subject. Ill describe it in detail for you, I remember it very vividly and try my best to give a good description:

>It all began with sleep paralysis, not too unusual, other than this particular time I was lying on my side and not my back. It has only, before & since, ever happened whilst on my back. Initially heard a whoosh noise, but subsequently think this was me breathing heavily.

>I could feel a presence behind me, and was absolutley terrified. You are completely awake so its even scarier than any nightmare/terror etc. I remember distinctly thinking that my whole belief system needs to change, but the things going through my head were panic thoughts, like ghosts, demons etc.

>Being ' paralysed ' as I have many times before, I knew I had to try and calm down and not panic (although you never ever master this, no matter how often it happens). I started to try to be logical. The presence behind me was breathing, but tellingly, it was breathing in rythym with ' me ' (complicated I know, like having 2 versions of me). I made a concerted effort to speed and slow down breathing, and then realised that the presence behind, its breathing, was controlled by me, it WAS ME!!!

>With the greatest effort, I tried to turn to view ' me '. I managed to tilt my vision as though to face the 'real me ' in bed, but i never quite managed to sight myself other, certainly not facially. I saw the bulge of myself in the bed but in no great detail. I felt like I was falling then, tiliting as I did so. I tried to ' fall ' into myself in the bed so to speak, i reached out, then for a second or two went a bit dreamy. Next thing I instantly woke up.

>I was in no way scared by this as I lay awake, I was excited and rather happy. I have tried to recreate this since but with no luck. Ive not really told many people about this.

Hope thats ok

posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 09:47 AM
Well that definately sounds interesting to say the least...while you are in that state...i have heard many people say not to TRY to do anything...but simply...DO IT...sounds weird...but i hear this quite often so there must be some truth in it...the astral body apparently has no limits once trained, you can do anything or go anywhere...these can happen involuntarily like what you have experienced or you can train your self to induce these experiences....check out the "how to" guides on the site if you are interested in "recreating" what you just takes time...but its your be completely honest...the thought of it still freaks me out...but im gonna keep pushin myself...coz once you get past the fear of it...which i will...theres no boundaries....good luck...

oh...and by the way...when i first heard about OOBE's etc...i was laughin hysterically for 2 look!!!

[edit on 2-3-2006 by STAKZ]

posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 10:11 AM
I still dont know what I truly believe, but I definately dont see this as crackpot stuff. Its one of the things wish people would look seriously into. I might be a cynic with crop circles et all (and i really try not to sound scathing or mocking, honestly) but this is different.

In reply to the ' travel ' bit, it was in my mind the whole time, but im ashamed to say I was far too scared to even entertain the idea! Thats why I tried to get ' back ' asap. Cant place my finger on what exactly scared me, but I definatley made the concious decision NOT to try anything! Boring eh.

The reason I dont talk about it much is that although it is truly incredible to me to this day, when recounted is isnt exactly mind blowing. I didnt see anything, feel a god, communicate, travel, or anything at all really. It just happened and that was it!

Thanks for the link by the way

posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 01:59 PM
Maybe you can find some help by reviewing the research of
Michael Persinger Laurentian University.

the pursuit and discovery of subtle interactions between the geophysical/ meteorological environment and human behavior.

Within the commercial setting, we have pursued the possibility that control of experience, from depression to memory, may be simulated by transcerebral application of complex magnetic field patterns associated with activity of either endogenous or exogenous ligands at the synapses.

I especially like this paragraph:

As a human being, I am concerned about the illusionary explanations for human consciousness and the future of human existence. Consequently after writing the Neuropsychological Base of God Beliefs (1987), I began the systematic application of complex electromagnetic fields to discern the patterns that will induce experiences (sensed presence) that are attributed to the myriad of ego-alien intrusions which range from gods to aliens. The research is not to demean anyone's religious/mystical experience but instead to determine which portions of the brain or its electromagnetic patterns generate the experience. Two thousand years of philosophy have taught us that attempting to prove or disprove realities may never have discrete verbal (linguistic) solutions because of the limitation of this measurement. The research has been encouraged by the historical fact that most wars and group degradations are coupled implicitly to god beliefs and to the presumption that those who do not believe the same as the experient are somehow less human and hence expendable. Although these egocentric propensities may have had adaptive significance, their utility for the species' future may be questionable.

He was on a recent Discovery Channel special and it seems he thinks the Earths magnetic field may trigger these illusions. There are links there to his research that may be of some help.
Good luck in your quest.

posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 02:24 PM
Quite a helpful and nice bunch on here ive noticed! Im a new poster, but long time watcher! Thanks for your links.

In actual fact Im a big believer in magnetic phenomena. I subscribe to Jaques Valle's theory that a lot of happenings can be attributed to the earths magnetic fields. i.e ghosts being an imprint or recording on the field rather than a spirit.

You can actually pick up the 'feel' of the land inexplicably, a place in north west scotland springing to mind. Myself, and others have several times felt instantly down and gloomy when passing through a particular part of the land. Interesting topic

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