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will saddams trial end before the sun burns out?

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posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 11:40 PM
this trial is going on and on and judges are being replaced and witnesses wait weeks later to show evidence of this murderer... how long will it take the courts to realize saddam is behind the killings? i hope im not the only one who remembers the video clips on the news at the time of saddams capture showing saddam watching people die.

for anyone with half a brain, that should be proof enough. oh and if saddam claims to be so innocent, why would he be constantly yelling and even verbally assaulting the judge at his trials? if saddam didnt do it... why doesnt he just tell everyone who did it, to get the trail over with faster?? its like everyone knows he did it exept the judge. hello... judge, can you take a hint that saddam is desperate? who else believes he is guilty and should be locked up and the key should be flushed? if you think he is innocent, why?

here are a few of the many links with some evidence saddam is guilty

THIS LINK includes the video of suddam torturing iraqis... his own people.,2933,101689,00.html

justice has been served.

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