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Just the facts please.

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posted on Feb, 25 2006 @ 11:44 PM
Hi all.
I am writing this request because I do believe that alot of you can guide me to some good facts and figures. This request is one of a sensitive nature. I am creating a 6 minute flash presentation about Partial Birth Abortion. I am basically going to show pictures of the various stages of what happens in a very medical point of view.

I myself am pro choice, have terminated, but find myself sickened at partial birth abortion. We are now being faced with congress trying to lift the ban. I am going to submit this presentation to every site I possibly can in that arena. Which is why it is EXTREMELY important that this displays just the facts. I repect your religious beliefs, however this must be VERY factual.
If it comes across as an attack, it will be discarded by alot of individuals just looking at it as a bunch of prolife propaganda. And these may be people who can help keep this banned.

IE if you should be able to direct me to a site stating the statistics of medical necessity for this procedure, please submit the link.

I believe that if I lay the facts on the line, people will come to their own conclusions. I respect a persons right to their decisions. It is neither up to you or I to judge.

Please do not turn this into a pro life/ prochoice debate. Nothing but the facts please

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