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Help. Looking for a book linking NWO and Hollywood

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posted on Feb, 25 2006 @ 06:24 AM
A few years ago I heard about a book (at the time, just prior to its release) where the author links famous Hollywood movies with the NWO, with topics on desensitizing the audience, clues on their agenda, etc.
Amazon and Google searches produced no matches.
The book should be in English, the author is male, and the following keywords come to mind: "Watching movies with critical eyes".
Any help is appreciated.

posted on Feb, 25 2006 @ 06:59 AM
This isn't what you were looking for, but another link between the NWO, in the form of Project Monarch, and Hollywood exists.

Here's a thread that might be interesting to you:

Wizard of Oz Mind Control

posted on Feb, 26 2006 @ 09:56 PM
Why would you not think Hollywood is linked to the NWO. The NWO is about buisness...buisness arrangements. Hollywood is about buisness arrangements. Buisness arrangements are also about matter what political party is in office. Buisness will play both partys to insure their buisness success.
This became quite obvious to me back in the Reagan Presidency when Prince Charles and Diana came to this country to visit the White House and President Reagan. Diana asked to see hollywood stars during her visit and one of them invited to the White House was Clint Eastwood who was very popular at that time. My point in all this is that Hollywood is a very potent political tool as is television. Movies and television have that magical quality to make things appear other than what they really are. This is known in the propaganda buisness as a change agent. Hollywood is the tool used by social engineers including the NWO to make changes acceptable to us whether we beleive in them or not.
Give you a example..though I hate to use movies to illustrate a point here goes.
Do you remember that movie about Rocky ..the boxer ..portrayed by Sylvester Stallone? THe one where he fights a Russian boxer? I dont remember which one it was but the whole thing got tiring by time they made three of them. This movie was to prepare the public for what was politically coming between Russia/THE Soviets and America. Hollywood was giving the public a clue ahead of time for the changing of relations between the two countrys. THey do this all the time in Hollywood or television. It backfires on them occasionally but it doesnt keep them from doing this ..sort of a sneak preview of what they are going to force on the public eventually.

So what do you think the deal is with Broke Back Mountain..and the NWO??? Think seriously about this one..because it is going to come up again and again and again and again..till it is made acceptable to the bulk of the nation default if necessary.

One of the most insulting things to me about Hollywood and the television industry the default setting they use to play through as if Hollywood and the television networks represent all of America by default..a entitlement to play through....unchallanged. As if the rest of America does not count. What most of America thinks or wants doesnt matter. This kind of thinking is becoming more and more obvious as time passes. They dont even try to hide it much ..they are so confident in the default setting allowing them to play through.
I'll grant you that most people turning on the tube or going to the movies to get "entertained/amused" hardly notice this at all..but I do and I speak to other people who are awake and they also notice it. More and more people are becoming aware of this tendency of Hollywood and the television industry to treat the rest of America as if they dont really count. They are in fact America.
You could see this in that Randi Rhodes special called "Left of the Dial" about the Air America radio station during the last presidential elections. The night the returns were coming in they were filming what went on in this station and some of the early returns were for the Republicans in some of the mid western states. Randi Rhodes comment on these returns was...." no one lives there." I was appalled by this comment. This was a radio station pushing a view of a certain political party ...and their view of certain states was " no one lives there". This is not leadership..or leadership material. IF the political party they are representing uses this same tactic..this too is not leadership material. See what I mean by default setting to play through unchallanged??

My point in all of this is be very careful what Hollywood and television pump out as the truth on anything. Examine it carefully.
I'll give you one example of Hollywood's NWO Programming ..Star Trek...both movies and the television series. All united planet stuff. SAme with Star Wars. Its just done with such fantastic special effects few if any think it through as to what they are really selling. It makes people quite moldable and malliable to the next NWO program coming down the pipe.

I watch Hollywood carefully...most of what they turn out is junk..occassionally a movie sneaks through worth while but most of it is junk. But beware always for the Change Agents at work.

HOw about that movie.."An American President" What change agents were at work there??? Talk about propaganda??


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