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UAE Ports Deal and 1984

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posted on Feb, 24 2006 @ 10:42 AM
I know, I know, everyone uses 1984 in their argument. But bear with me.

I've noticed an interesting thing on various forums, including this one, these past few weeks...

In recent days, a number of people have been defending the deal with the UAE to gain control of US ports. Their defense sometimes includes calling the people who oppose the deal "racist" for caring about it when it's an Arab company but not when it's a British company. They go on to defend the UAE and say "Just because they're Arabs doesn't mean they're terrorists." and such things.

Now here's the interesting part. A few weeks ago, some of these same people were the ones denouncing Islam, the middle east, and at the most extreme, using the "glass parking lot" suggestion often.

It's an interesting shift. Those who were so anti-Arab a few weeks ago have suddenly become pro-Arab in this case. And those who were blindly hateful of Arabs a few weeks ago are now questioning this deal because it's the government of an Arab nation. (I'm not criticizing either point of view in this post, just pointing out several.)

If you recall in 1984, the government would suddenly change who they were at war with and say they had always been fighting them and everyone would go along with it. The first few times you do it, people question it, but eventually they just stop noticing the change. Is this the start of an attempt to stop people from thinking completely? The more the "trusted leaders" make radical shifts in what they say, the more the citizens will think it's something wrong with them rather than the government and assume they must have been wrong in thinking otherwise.

posted on Feb, 24 2006 @ 01:52 PM

It's an interesting shift. Those who were so anti-Arab a few weeks ago have suddenly become pro-Arab in this case. And those who were blindly hateful of Arabs a few weeks ago are now questioning this deal because it's the government of an Arab nation.

Anything that deals with the allmighty dollar and whatever the Republicans support is fine by those people.

If I were American I would oppose the sale of any critical infrastructure to Foreign powers. As a Canadian I know just how hard such deals hurt the pride of a nation as well as the job market in general. The UAE may be an ally now but it's people are not exactly the most....enlightenend in the world. That country is a fuedal dictatorship interspersed with Laissex Faire capitolist zones. The latter makes them okie-dokie to quite a few people. Hypocrits, the lot of them.

posted on Feb, 24 2006 @ 03:35 PM
The whole thing comes down to money. George W. Bush and his cronies stand to make an assload of money off this deal and that's the bottom line. Why would anyone in their right mind want the UAE to run any of our ports, or anything to do with any transportation in this country or any business in this country for that matter? Why? because they will make a lot of money off the deal.

GWB and his cronies will need to buy pants with deeper pockets for all the money this deal is going to line them with!!

posted on Feb, 24 2006 @ 04:00 PM
I understand the probable reasoning behind this deal. My point is dealing more with the propaganda behind their attempts to get public approval for it and how when the government says something, people unthinkingly agree.

posted on Feb, 24 2006 @ 06:36 PM
Here's another example of this. Larry Kudlow, in National Review Online, wrote this article:

The brouhaha surrounding the Bush administration since it gave the green light to a United Arab Emirates company slated to manage six major U.S. ports has nothing to do with homeland security. Allow me to give this episode its proper name: Islamophobia.

And he's noticed the same switch around as well, from the other point of view.

An amusing component of this flare-up is the sudden call to arms of the dovish Democrats. Aren’t many of these vocal critics the same folks who opposed the Patriot Act? Isn’t this the same posturing chorus that opposed NSA surveillance of al Qaeda phone calls? Didn’t these same folks want immediate withdrawal from Iraq? Why the sudden about face?

posted on Feb, 24 2006 @ 10:59 PM
Why can't I manage the six american ports? I'm an American businessman.

The UAE is an oppressive government. You'd think that if we were going to let some outside government run our ports, they's at least be a democratic country. I suspect this is just a test by the guys who are and have been planning the destruction of american democracy. If they can pull this off, then they have everybody buffaloed. Problem is that the fast,lazy people of America will just sit at their keyboards and complain, leave it up to the media to fix it.

In countries that have a less free system, people wouldn't just sit by and let this happen. they'd be in the streets or dragging the pols out into the streets. Americans wouldn't lift a finger to save their own lives. That is the most disappointing thing to me. The lazy so-what attitude of the american people. They are so lazy that they can't even think for themselves, and when they do, all it takes is one pooh ppoh comment to manipulate their minds. The american attention span and anger response lasts a day, tops.

The americans that do get angry and try to save our democracy are called kooks,wackos and extremists. If a man stands up for america, the people may support him until the media says he is a kook. then america runs around repeating the charge.

The people that work in the shadows to protect america don't believe in it anymore. they just can't find it in their heart to put their lives on the line for a fat,lazy,stupid nation. People in america actually believe that they have a vote AND IT COUNTS! they believe they are free because nobody told them the truth.

China controls america economically, shadow government is in control politically, born again heretics control the faith, people who can't play an instrument OR EVEN SING control the music industry, film is controlled by sexual perverts. A film producer just got busted trying to sell a sex act to an undercover cop. HE WAS WEARING A DRESS AND A WIG WHEN HE PROPPED THE COP. HIS FRIENDS COMMENTED THAT HE IS DOING WELL AND BACK AT WORK ON HIS NEXT TOM CRUISE FILM.

Hell, american bad guys in our government planned a project called NORTHWOODS that was meant to fly planes into commercial building, shoot down americans on the street, attack americans with boilogical weapons and attack a navy ship. ALL THAT HAPPENED. Where is the outrage? I'LL TELL YOU WHERE IT IS. EVERYBODY IS WAITING ON THE MEDIA TO TELL THEM TO GET MAD ABOUT IT. PITIFUL!

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