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governmental affairs theories

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posted on Feb, 23 2006 @ 12:42 PM
now here is where we take all the speculative thoery and compile them into one torrential burst of gamma knowledge crafting a information quasar regarding all governmental affairs conspiricies, pertaining to the last 50 years our united states of americas goverment has been in control of the world. any and all geo-politcal foreign affairs will serve as valid discussion points, as long as they are somehow faceted to the current situation of US governmental ties to the world. i wish for you all to have fun in discussing these things!

*blast off*

after aquiring vast advancements in industrial output methods after world war 2 the extraterrestrial biological entity community intitiated contact with our government. to propagate a substantial increase in the stabalizing affairs through out the globe. so as to police the globe in a manner that would allow for our government to safely quarentine and deter any threats to the compartmentalized affiars of our EBE overseers. the NSA was propogated (1948?) soley after the initial contact with EBE in order to enhance directive associated with the spread and control of information pertaining to EBE affiars through out the globe. the EBE have one sole objective, use the power of the illuminati and US government to manifest a new and bold outlook for humanity, which includes the oblitoration of hate, greed, idealistic extremism, in hopes to create a more positive progressive and healthy out look for the world.

there is my theory i will add more stuff later.

good day, good work, and good luck, good people of ats

posted on Feb, 23 2006 @ 02:34 PM
Well, I sure do like this theory, because in it the EBE's are actually trying to help mankind, not mash us up for soup.

NSA is signals intelligence only, meaning that they do an absolute minimun of field work; unless that is a cover for a vast network of alien safehouses and such.

posted on Feb, 23 2006 @ 05:29 PM
the field work for the dissemination of factual EBE relevance would be oboslete due to the fact the EBE have so much power over our terrestrial information systems they would be out of reach of any survailing networks. they know everything about us, we know nothing about them. with plethora of different particle phase beams they can extract digital information from computers from their craft with out ever touching ground. the NSA is there to keep as tight a lid as possible on the EBE affiars happening in our own backyard, various underground super bunkers hidden through out the nation. all of our defense expenditures, and security intitiatives have been propagated due to the EBE mind set intitiative. the enhacned consolodations of enviromentally sound increased efficiency industrial and economic infrastructure through out the globe. for the betterment, for peace, for the world. at least i think this might be what they have in store. it sure would explain the whole farce of a war on terror, i mean how in the world is a suicide bomber in a beat up corrola gonna take out a AURORA SUB ORBITAL HYPER CRAFT with light speed targeting laser guided ballistic precsion cluster rocket ordinance.

posted on Feb, 24 2006 @ 12:35 PM
now as far as the whole integration of policy commission surrounding the directive of the US government. i think it comes hand in hand with the multi national corperate capitalist trade initiatives, and the everlasting proweress of governments through out the globe to facet greater feats in technological efficiencies. its basically all banking on what kind of model they have developed underground for the future infrastructure of america. it is so secret they can not tell us because that would perturb the onset of greater dispersal methods through the allocation of private resourcfullness. optimal efficiency would be the greater scientific standard for the new age of the millenium, making for a world that might just be a little more friendly. now what are your theories?!?!

posted on Mar, 7 2006 @ 07:48 AM
i can see clearly now you all are just waiting for more answers from the great sturod84 well you know it takes more then one healthy mind to formulate wholehearted conspiracy disscusion alas you might all be finding yourselve attached to the mainstream stay of coherently presented information pertaining to the political strife of the world and legislative judicial excecutive branchs of affairs. its just that the only way to know for sure is to have a prominant grip on the information sectors of the shadow government that is black budget operation department and security branchs of the three letter agency groups these departments are all very expansive very compartmentalized very classified and very articulated in structure. now think for just a second about the fifty years of extraterrestrial biological entity affiars our government has been engaded in and that the craft described by the first lunar orbit mission was describe as gigantic almost 3 miles across and taken a logical step towards the progressive intellectual advancement of interstellar travelling entities they did not come here to admire earth for its warm blueish glow no they came to develope harbor and manifest a substantial presence to work towards what ever endevor they have used in the propagation of every planet on the verge of acheiving interstellar travel to guide and offer a helping hand to our aspiring efforts a universally inclined race. what ever the case may be our goverments shadow operations could even very well be a front to the huge super bunkers underground housing all sorts of advanced industrial components that we are securing with our police state and military dominance through out the globe i refer to optimal efficency to say that we have technology underground that is 100% efficient! that is no waste product or energy consumption just pure unadulterated technological efficiency underground harboring the existance of a body of working governments fully capacitated to manifest a new world order, or at least that is what they are working towards, giving due time our military will be fully detering any threats to the advancements of the new world order doctrine that is a one world government that thrives on the scientific adherence to orgnization of structure of goverment and peace. what they are probably doing is constructing as many ufos that is anti gravitational craft underground using the zero point energy technology as fast as humanly possible in order to maintain secured states through out the globe, for of course the proper securing of infrastructure pertaining to the construction of these craft/technology just think the entire shadow governments array could be fully functioning on the base of no resource allocation the black budget could be an entire front to sway public opinion towards a terrestrially motivated adherence to truths of a traditional sort.

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