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Wings? Flight? Pentagon? fact? +simulation

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posted on Feb, 22 2006 @ 02:01 AM
Ok first i must tell you all that im from denmark. My spelling and sentenses might be a bit off.

Anyways i spent some time reading this "old thread" please visit the old post and find the phrase i am about to dig into.

in the thread you will find the following;

"Using simulation software called LS-Dyna, the smart folks use the physically accurate simulation results as input to animations and visualizations to produce a vivid reenactment of the impact of the aircraft on the Pentagon building and provide the larger team with the necessary data to construct these using 3D Studio Max, AutoCAD, and research tools.

Now we can see, through a very competent and valid simulator, what happened in the attack on the Pentagon. **Click here to view a video generated by the simulator**. Or, **click here to read the white paper**."

Yeh this data did contain 2 links. but they are old and i could not access the movie itself. but i managed to find this picture;

So if this image is is produced by some "smart folks" as it says, how come the wings on the plane are still somewhat intact, after penetrating the concrete wall of the pentagon?

according to all the photos i have reviewed.. there is no trace of wings penetrating the structure?

i know this is an old subject, but someone please give me an answer on this? their simulation is wrong? or are all the photos of the concrete wall edited in some way?

the thing i dont get.. is why those making that simulation has not concluded this.. as it seems obvious to me? and im not that smart..

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