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African Goddess that demands respect or else?

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posted on Feb, 21 2006 @ 10:41 AM
I had a strange dream last night:

My parents and sister were buying a huge chunk of land on a bayou somewhere.

They wanted to start a church and help 'save' all of the poor lost souls that lived in the area. I really didnt agree with their modivations, but I was there with them anyway.

So we were invited to the house of one family, and once inside the first thing I noticed was a silver statue of an african female deity that was on a shelf all to itself, and mounted in the middle of the wall in the kitchen area of the house.

It was impossible to miss, and immediately caught my attention. I quickly tried to take a picture of the statue with the camera phone so I could investigate it later.

The oldest daughter noticed my intrigue and began telling me about it/her. She said the name, and I asked her repeat it so I could write it down. All I remember is "DD" somwhere in the name???

Anyway: the whole family gathered around as she told the story about this Goddess who demanded appropriate respect and worship, and if she did not get the respect that she deserved she would bring out the worst in that individual.
It was an ancient goddess, and I remember a tribal feel to her (maybe an Orisha? I dunno) And all the people of the Bayou deeply revered her.

So naturally my mother's dark side came out the more my mother talked, and everything she said became really negative.

Interesting, eh?? Who could this Goddess be?


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