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War on Terror meets the War on the West

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posted on Feb, 20 2006 @ 12:13 AM
I've seen a slew of threads talking about this crisis, and several well thought out theories about what could happen, so I decided to make a thread that talks about this very story line. Instead of talking about individual attacks, this thread is more so designed to talk about how far this entire ordeal can go, and will it possibly go "all the way" (re: World War)

Now, the recent Islamic backed attacks on various Western Eebassies. What to make of all this? Here's my take..

What alarms me in all this is not the individual reasons behind these riots, or whose right and whose right, its moreso the indication that these coordinated attacks are happening all over the world right now on various countries doorsteps.

An embassy is a very serious governmental foothold on foreign soils. It's like a place of operations in that particular region. Fighting a battle against extremists attacking an embassy is a big no-no. Thats why so many of these embassies are either not fighting hard enough or they're allowing themselves to be burned. They have the power and influence of local police and paramilitary, but they just aren't using them, or they're being several overwhelmed by power.

See the Pakistan Standoff for proper use of force

And see the Libya standoff for improper use of force (or overwhelmed)

I'm not sure if these embassy are duck-tale and running, or if they're being seriously out fought. That's up for determination if you want to really look into those stories.

My goal here isn't necessarily about the individual attacks and/or their location. My discussion is more about the sudden increase in the violence that this entire ordeal has caused. Being flamed by both ignorant media selling T-Shirts to a poorly thought out "taking sides" approach to Freedom of Speech.

Yeah, we have the national rights to put any damn cartoon out we want. But I do believe that right should have a limit. Instead of backing down and apologizing for the uproar we've created, we embraced it, joked about it on our late shows, splattered it all over the Internet tagged with ignorant political implications, all the while making the very people we pissed off in the first place even more upset. If you guys don't think that the media over there isn't picking up on our every reaction, then perhaps you need to be doing some more reading. They're pissed, and all we're doing is snubbing our noses at them and laughing about it; and fueling the anger.

Is that Democracy? Telling the rest of the world, no matter how rudely we do it, that we just don't give a damn? That's pretty much what we're doing.. and quite successfully if you ask me. They're even more pissed off now and willing to maim themselves to get that thought through to us. And if the attacks on the Embassies doesn't get the Reaction of a "Cease and Desist" analogy/request understood, then they will probably start flying more planes around our country; or blowing up our buses and subways soon.

Now my personal take on all this is that these people (the ones rioting) believe so badly in what they practice that they'll do anything in order to get their point across. Now, granted, some of these believers overdo it, and play with the strings of global implications *Iran, but most of these protesters are being lead by a bigger Islamic leadership; which is in turn lead by a bigger Islamic group. How big that 'group' is, is also up for debate if you care to research how deep the ties go...

Good starting points would be here:

One thing is for sure, is that these attacks seem to be getting more deadly, and more vicious, and if these guys get some guns, the body counts are going to soar! And it's just a manner of time before some illegal (or legal) weapons trader spots this sudden increase in attacks on the West, and cashes in on some fancy deals that will probably spark the next Cold War. This time, not against a country, but a cold war against an entire religion.

Wee the future looks so bleak!

Now how this goes up in the higher religious chains are unknown, I'm not even sure if Ayatollah Mahmoud Mohammadi Araghi supports this. But if he does, we're about to see one helluva perspective shift in Islamic actions of belief.

Feel free to add to the discussion however minute.

This one is for you kit!

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posted on Feb, 20 2006 @ 12:16 AM
This blog has been keeping up with every single attack since this all started.. might want to edumacate yourselves if you havent

posted on Feb, 20 2006 @ 01:38 AM

I've got a partial theory on why there are riots happening in certain areas that I've expressed in this post.

As for the general overview, perhaps you can review the ATS discussion link in my signature (The muslim riots...). Feel free to add your own thoughts there.

Pertaining to coordinated attacks, I'm not so certain that they are coordinated. I think it's more than likely that it's a copy-cat attack. Perhaps there are links, but I think it's pretty tenuous at best.

The latest, the attack on the US embassy in Indonesia I can tell you with an almost absolute degree of certainty has less to do with religiousness and more to do with anti-west sentiments. Indonesian's are hardly what I'd call 'religious'. I've met many many Indonesians in my lifetime. I've only met one whom you could consider religious. You could read about my experience with Indonesians here.

posted on Feb, 21 2006 @ 12:10 AM
you have to remember that middle eastern folks don't use the internet much. they still sit in the market and talk to each other. they say the same things people around here say. difference is, they act for change. in america, the people don't meet and talk in person and spread the word by word of mouth, let alone actually DO SOMETHING.



America has [ for now] the best quality of life on the planet and the least involved populace. We will lose everything because of the people, not the bad guys. You have to actually act- do something- to protect your life and your liberty. Those people over there will fight with sticks and rocks against our tanks,jets,bombs and missles.
our guys have the best of everything from body armor to weapons systems, and those people fight with rocks, homemade bombs and sticks. No support, no food and water, no armor, helicopters,jets, missles,tanks, medical support. they fight like our forefathers fought the brits.

posted on Feb, 22 2006 @ 01:57 AM
I can tell how far it could go...

Full nuclear attack on the middle east along with full on concentration camps for Muslims.

If radical Islam pushes hard enough, this will eventually happen.

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