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alien immortality

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posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 03:13 PM
Wow I just remembered, a year ago or so I think I found a site that gave incredible detailed info on how alien technology and everything about them works. I have lost the site since then and am still looking. I would hope that one of u guys went to the same site and remember reading this stuff…please send a link to it

On the site it said that aliens have been around for billions of years and started out like us. They developed technologies like these:

- Scout ship: these were sent to planets, they are made to only be able to travel within the planets atmosphere. They could reach amazing speeds 1000s and 1000s of miles per our by heating the ships rear to a temperatures as hot as the sun and doing some kind of reaction that burns hydrogen and propels the scout ship.

- Travel: They created a sail ship...some type of satellite or whatever as small as a basketball. This would be sent to galaxies and possible planets that are worth interest to them. When the satellite got there it would land on the planet and would transform just like the transformers on tv and be made into a huge lab area. Then the aliens could be projected to the planet and they could see, feel, smell, everything on the planet as if they were actually there, but they were safely at home.

- Immortality: Since they were on a quest to understand everything they needed to live long. In the first stages the aliens developed nano technology which prolonged their life and incre4ased their healing to miraculous speeds in which the most life threatening accidents would not kill them. They sought this as a good step but they could still die of old age. The aliens then developed a way to live forever. They created a safe house; this house had a double of each alien in side of a big computer, whatever the alien experienced in life the double would to. They would be connected through all means possible even by telepathic means. If the Alien would die then the double would experience what alien did but it would not die, it would life forever.

do any of you remember what site this info is from.


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