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Disinfo Analysis by Example

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posted on Feb, 16 2006 @ 01:59 AM
When learning a useful tool, examples have been the most effective over the years. I have watched
this topic area since it began and am appalled by the lack of examples. There are scads of opinions,
rules, claims, and outright misinformation here but where are the examples ? How would you learn
to multiply and divide, or Calculus without examples to follow ? Is this topic a "fear" generator because
saying something useful might get you dissappeared ? Is naming names and organizations the road
to 'Libel" if the claim is true ?

Yes, there are very distinct repercussions from slander in the printed form. So care must be taken
if this area is to become useful, and examples would have to be well done to avoid harm. Unfortunately,
an example does have to be specific and if implications are made less than generically, it darn well
better be accomplished in a "shatter-proof" manner.

So I will kick this off WITHOUT a ten page thesis on rules to follow, or guidelines, or even my own
opinion of Disinfo.

Examples of what confusion disinfo can cause EVEN when it is NOT present.

Movie : A Bridge Too Far (Excellent and one of the best WWII flicks in my opinion)

Situation : An allied command glider crashes and those aboard are killed. Operational plans for
"Operation Market Garden" are recovered and evaluated by (doing this from memory only)
2nd Panzer Division HQ as the early phases of the allied battle plan are beginning. The german
command staff assesses the recovered plans to be an intentional misdirection by the allies (disinfo),
and do not take actions that could have stopped the allied efforts on the first day.

The point of my chosen example is to demonstrate that the german staff, in this case, believed they
knew what disinfo was and that they could identify it. Neither situation was proven to be true .
A parallel exists between their beliefs and actions and those on ATS.

But before I get accused of equating ATS members to Nazis (which I am NOT doing), the movie example I
am using had an even more important aspect. In the beginning of the movie, the allied command staff did
something even more striking. They declared their OWN info (intelligence indicating the presence of the
II Panzer Div) to be disinfo. And again, a parallel exists between their actions and those on ATS.

So, am I the only one interested in specifics rather than generalities ? Or do I simply misunderstand
what I read ?

"A place to analyze what appears to be organized disinformation efforts"


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