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Predictions on evolution?

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posted on Feb, 15 2006 @ 09:41 AM
I would like to hear other peoples predictions on evolution & what the future will hold. From all of my knowledge I have taken in over the past few years, I like trying to predict things & I am very statistical so please come on in & let me hear your thoughts.
Humans: First off I think humans will get taller & taller & I think we can expect it to be normal that the average height of a man would be about 6.5-7 ft in about a 100 years.
I also think people will start looking more & more alike through evolution but yet again it could go the other way (depends on society)

Animals: I think animals especially mammals will shrink because through time we have seen alot of species shrink to half the size they were in the time of the dinosaurs e.g Sharks (megalodon- cant remember how big but was VERY BIG).

New species will be discovered & the present ones will become extinct because of hunting, deforestation & possibally global warming

Plants: don't know much about them but they are very important & I think we will make good use of them & create something amazing to enable us to live easier.

Technology: I personally think technology is evolving TOO fast, I hate being behind on the latest stuff & also it's way too expensive, but I think the future will totally depend on technology & it will control their lives

I can't predict what will happen, you never know what to expect. I mean lets say all that stuff in the bible was real i.e prophets & all that stuff. Whatif it happened again, that could possibally change everything. I'm spining myself out with all the thoughts in my mind right now & sometimes I feel like we're in a matrix world being controlled by something else (like the SIMS)
but I really dont know what to believ any more, I just plan on enjoying this beautiful world while I have the chance.

What r ur thoughts on evolution?

posted on Feb, 15 2006 @ 09:57 AM
Evolution can't predict the future. Evolution is the best explanation for observed progression of fossil records. But until it makes a specific prediction for the changes in a species based on what we know about it now, then we shall always be playing a guessing game.

But my opinion is that evolution is happening in our brains faster than anywhere else. Which is why our ancient traditions and religions are faltering while we are undergoing change.

I really dont know what to believ any more, I just plan on enjoying this beautiful world while I have the chance.

With you on this. Now we only need another 6 billion of us on board with this idea and maybe we can start acting like evolved beings.

posted on Feb, 15 2006 @ 10:12 AM
The fact is, there is way too many of us to be able to do much about all this world destroying & it's like two forces pushing against eachother that are evenley matched. I just cant see why some people want more, all it ever results in is war, I reckon there will never ever be a moment in time from now on where there will be no war being thought or some campaign. Imagne a world at peace. HUH
I'm no hippy by any means, hell I even joined the Royal Marines but thankfully made the right decision to leave. (Not for these reasons by the way) I'm not against fighting in the war, just the people in charge

posted on Feb, 17 2006 @ 06:15 PM
In less than a 1,000 years, which is really just a blink of an eye, time-on-Earth-wise, we will have developed sentient machines that will supplant us as the dominant "species" on the planet. Just prior to that, we will have developed the ability to modify our own DNA however we like, which will have the effect of completely diffusing the human species into thousands of smaller sub-species.

A thousand years from now, you'll be lucky to find anything on Earth even close to what we now think of as human beings. Except maybe a few groups of religious kooks who refuse to go for genetic modification because God wouldn't like it.

So we're witnessing the very beginning of the abrupt end of humanity as we have come to know and love it. Of course, none of us will live to see it wiped out completely. But you can easily see where it's headed.


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