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Part of the Thesis

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posted on Feb, 13 2006 @ 12:48 AM
Sonya Fitzpatrick, the pet psychic : what the animals tell me.
by Fitzpatrick, Sonya, 1940- ISBN 0-425-19290-3

Sonya used a technique similar to mine. When I was mirror meditating, I used to imagine what my reflection was saying to began with. I went back and forth a few times, then a connection was made with an external telepathic source. My face even morphed or shapeshifted in the mirror to another persons' face. The fact is, once I reached the level of connecting to an external telepathic source, I ttipped my face at various positions and communicated with a different source, the face was different also. I did go between each head position having communication back to a previous telepathic connection I left earlier.
Memory of that exact position was not hard to find and fine tune, like fine tuning a radio receiver. I did this on and off for about 25 years without interference. Then it became apparent, the telepathic external energy of others did not limit itself to being the reflection. The telepathic cloud energy surrounded my head making it difficult to continue.
My concern with Sonyas' method of using her conversational methods with animals to heal them is this. There is a telpathic union of feelings which contains both good and bad emotions. When two living entities link there is a potential that one can become opened telepathically during off times and not be able to stop errant arbitrary telepathic cloud energy from mind connections. This can happen in multiplicity.
If the telepathic connections are from people that are stressed, as many are in this day and age, the effect can be like a parasitical psychic drain on even the most confident happy person.
In the measure of brainwave power, there must be a threshold higher for some and less for others. It may take for instance a connection in unison, or one after the other of 100 stressful people, to effect a sickened state of mind and hence a resulting physical illness to manifest itself several months or years afterwards.
However, with Marion a spiritual medium and others, they have reported a sick feeling after several people were contacted by one telepathic energy mass from one living person. Sonya apparently has a higher threshold as I used to have this also. In my case the threshold was considerably lessened after 35 years of telepathic connections. The probability of the stress picked up as part of the emotional content of subconscious brainwaves sent from living people is a real high possibility. The technique of getting rid of negative emotions in oneself that are not your own varies. Learning how to relax and stay calm for extended periods was necessary in my case.
I have no choice but to heal my dogs with one quick command or touch.
The chances of unwanted contaminated telepathic energy from living people getting in the picture, whether deemed guiding angels or guides of any sort is to dangerous to me and/or the connecting external telepathic source. Either of whom can become mentally sick, or worse, then opened to a long line of continued telepathic connections without any known way to block the connection.
I write guiding angels becausethat is what Sonya descibes aas her telepathic connects. However, it is only from the living that God comes. The word is God, no words come from the dead. This is a deception that results from people seeing visions of departed people and sometimes hearing words. All memories of departed pwople are handed down generation to generation from the time a living person saw or heard a living person. Those memories are part of a living heritage that is either contained in so-called unused brain cells or DNA. Memories that come to realism when an aware person has the ability to notice others incoming telepathic brainwaves. These subconsciously sent memories are charged with emotions mostly and a vision seconarily.
The sentences and sounds associated to these visions vary as to source.
In simpler, calmer mediation sessions they were a simple translation of feelings to intellect. This is the method Sonya uses to 'hear' sentences from animals like my foot hurts.
There seems to be no end to the skin surface contact I make with incoming telepathic brainwaves. At times I feel as if the nerve ending has been hit with a pin. Other times it feels like itching. Other times it feels like burning, as at the roof of my mouth the other day. Sometimes it feels like a cold area on my skin surface. Other times like a ant or flea crawing on me as it moves over the skin. The body is one big telepathic receiver, with all nerve endings connecting to the brain. It is as if my body has become one big brain. THe openness factor I went to during meditations was extreme and not advisible for anyone to do unless you have a yearning to write a book like this one.
However, no matter how great a physical and mental condition you are in to began with, be prepared for a serious contamination of your own emotional content.
Not a killing force in my case thanks to willpower, intellect and emotional training. But this may be due in part to DNA also, an evolvemental factor rather than environmental factors. So it is of the highest level of caution that I warn you to be prudent regarding any method used to contact visions. You have contact with visions in a dream state anyways, but this only lasts for 5 seconds or so. And the mind has a naturally ability to forget these. A person who sees a ghost remembers it the rest of their life, a nightmare awake is certainly something to talk about as a type of therapy. I have seen about 50,000 such visions, projections of the mind to make it easier to accept incoming telepathic emotional content.
There are two types of ignorance about this subject which I will continue to deal with now. One is people who don't believe in any kind of so called paranormal activity. The other group continues to insist that communication is from the dead. The death of the body means that the spirit of the living has gone to God. God is of the living, the spirit of the passed on is contained in the subconscious memory of the living. You who see passed on people are merely picking up the visual memory of someone living who is entrusted with it. Truly we are our 'brothers' keepers', even after their death. These memories are perhaps spread around to many people. Perhaps even you have many millions of memories, not your own contained in the inner space of neurons. The study of inner space and the infinite projection to the tiniest parts is just as fascinating as the study of outer space and the infinite projection to the idea of the largest parts. What is contained in either is subject to speculation before significant discoveries are made. We, as a society and people dedicated to learning, make no effort without using imagination first. As Einstein said 'Imagination is greater than knowlege'.

Honor Seed


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