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The Abusrdity of 9/11 and Cartoons

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posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 06:11 AM
It is not often I start a thred, but I would like to discuss the fact that:

1) The Western World is up in arms when the 9/11 event happened, killing thousands of innocents.

2) The Muslim World is up in arms almost just as much when a cartoon is drawn in a Danish newspaper (reprinted mind you).

Compare the two: thousands of innocent people die due to a terrorist act, whilst a cartoon is drawn in newspapers in foreign countries.

Now I do not deny that it is against the 'rules' of this religion to depict Mohammed (sp?) in any picture form due to the fact he 'may' be worshipped as an idol.

Couldn't they piece together any 'willpower' to:
a) Not look at these pictures,
b) Use their willpower not to worship him.

I feel sorry for these people who seem mindwashed, getting overly angry at a cartoon, whilst a *MUCH* worse thing happens in a foreign country (9/11) and I barely hear a protest from their camp whatsoever.

It really puts things into perspective, doesn't it?

- Nazgarn


- Oh btw Iran now has a competition in its newspapers to create cartoons of the Holocaust where millions of people died, and put it into a funny form.

- I do not condone the cartoons, the terrorist attacks or this retaliation of the cartoons by Iran in any form.

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posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 06:33 AM
Also it was a non Muslim that drew the cartoons wasn't it? so how the hell can they preach their laws onto non Muslim ways, also non Muslim country's that printed them so AS we don't follow their ways HOW HELL DOES that make us responsible for what they doing rioting as WE were all NON MUSLIM so it shouldn't count should it???? thought it only counted if it was Islamic law state/country, follow Islam, or are middle eastern person.

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posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 06:54 AM
Yes Blobby, that's a good point,

I do not profess to knowing the religion's rules but what you said makes sense.

Non-Muslim people portrayed Mohammed in a newspaper in a country whose majority is not Muslim.

Also these cartoons were originally portrayed over a year ago in a previous publication.

I can understand the viewpoint where the Muslims' anger is originating from but shouldn't they portray their belief in a more peaceful manner? Not "Death to Denmark"? Also I believe their anger is way over what they should be expressing due to the situation.

Whereas I can definately understand the amount of anger produces when 9/11 happened. INNOCENT PEOPLE DIED DUE TO A TERRORIST ACT. Not a direct knee-jerk reaction to a cartooon.

I can also see from the viewpoint these newspapers are coming from, in a society where freedom of speech is paramount. Which is good, as long as it can be displayed in a peaceful manner.

Perhaps this anger is fueled from a different source: their feelings of helplessness perhaps in a world where the West is dominating and their religion does not reign supreme? I have no idea, I am grabbing ideas from the air, please enlighten me someone?

I mostly see religion as a controlling factor to the masses as afterlife scares people into these beliefs. Isn't religion mostly dealing with the 'afterlife'? Anyone can be MORAL without a religion (I believe Einstein said something similar to this statement). Not to mention if they spoke out against the religion they were brought up on they would be condemned.

I feel it would be infinately more fair if each and every one of us could choose which religion to follow, if we wish to follow: FREELY EVERYWHERE. Unfortunately it is not an ideal world, is it?

- Nazgarn

posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 08:05 AM
Unfortunately Nazgarn you have stumbled on what is truly wrong with Islam. With that I mean the double standard if which Islam practices. In America you can have a Catholic Church, a Jewish Temple and a Mosque on the same street, thrown in with a few Babtist, Jehovah Witness, Morman and any other religion. In Muslem countries you are free to worship Islam!
Islamic terrorist and radicals say 9/11 happened because of our interference in the Middle East. Danish papers(non-Islamic country) print cartoons created by non-islamic Danes, of the prophet in their own non-islamic country and Radical Islamic leaders call for the destruction of non-Islamic Denmark. Correct me if I am wrong but isn't that interferring? So by this way of thinking then are we to expect Danish Terrorist to fly planes into Tehran buildings and kill thousands for interferring with Danish matters? Oh and the Muslems were so outraged that Iran commisions muslem cartoonist to draw cartoons depicting the humor of the holocaust.
So let's get this straight, Danish papers in Denmark a non-jewish and non-muslem state prints cartoons of the prophet so in retaliation Iran prints cartoons about Jews. Am I missing something here? Danes- Jews? Sorry I do not see the connection! This is like the guy to my right slaps you in the face, you slap the face of the guy to my left and then to get back at you he slaps me! Now everybody is read faced. Then to confuse things even more two Imans from Denmark decide the original cartoons were not insulting enough so they draw up three more and send them out to Muslem newspapers and Mosgues to really get the crowd stirred up. Now do you think snce this new info has come out about muslems having drawn the more insulting cartoons, that Islam will offer and apology to Denmark, America and Britian? Don't hold your breathe!

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posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 08:55 AM
I think we the west should take it as an ACT OF WAR against us and treat it accordingly defiantly Denmark should treat it as an act of WAR against them and as rest of Europe are Allies well we join them too, we should go an sort them out once and for all TBH.

Pi**ed off with Muslims interfering in OUR country's and oh no boo hoo it might upset the Muslim LIVING in a non Islamic country through their own choice too at that, SO fre*kin what if it upsets em they should be deported back to middle east if thats the case tbh, if they so unhappy go home then as the WEST is not bound by any Islamic laws..........

Also while I'm at it in middle east all religion non Islamic is BANNED i think we should take a leaf out their book and BAN any Islamic Religion in the WEST then they wont come here and loads will go home stuff em really tbh is all i am so fed up of their ways trying to be imposed on us all in NON ISLAMIC COUNTRY'S..

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