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I didn't know where else to post this... sorry in advance.

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posted on Feb, 8 2006 @ 06:05 PM
I was never anti-USA but I did post somethings here which might have led you to believe that way. But this is a crazy world. And whether 9/11 was set up to attack Arab nations for oil is beyond this. The current world events are crazy. I'm not prepared to discuss the absolutely schizophrenic(literally) state of the world and America. God, Satan... who put it up to this point? What if 9/11 was a terrorist strike? What if it was setup by America? Let's look at these schizophrenic possibilities...
If it was a terrorist strike, then the Bush Administration must feel falesly accused(have u ever been falsely accused before, remember the anger u felt?) because of the circumstances. If it was a terrorist strike, then the wars are for revenge(Afg.) and then to change the Middle East(Irq. #1) into a free region. Because think about it, what if the Middle East became as powerful as China one day and considered itself one nation. One Nation under Allah and USA is the enemy. WW3 would commence quickly. But then we all think it is for oil when only circumstances say one nations hunger lies in the lands of it's religious opposite.... hmmmm.... i dunno what to think anymore.
But if it wasn't a terrorist attack, and it was a setup.... for what reason? To get oil or to free nations from evil?
let me ask you anti-war people this... if you're neighbors next to you beat their children for petty things and cut off their hands for stealing and robbed them of a free mind and those kids also cannot choose anything BUT no one is doing anything about it, even the cops. would you go over and kill those people and adopt the children into a free unabusive life? I dunno, the fact that there is oil in Arab lands is what spoils it all. I don't know what to believe because of this fact.
Why don't we help out Arica? While African governments aren't oppressive, they just don't provide to their citizens. So therefore, why do we not help with money? Because maybe our money has to be focused to a land that hates us and would become a superpower if we didn't intervene this early. But the oil spoils all conlusions as to the state of the world now and it's truth.
I can only hope it was for the better and not the worse, no matter what happened.
I am anti-war too, but that does not mean you let someone hit you and u don't hit back. Or hit someone who is hitting/oppressing someone else. I would stand up for the Arab who doesn't want to be and Arab, and a Russian who doesn't want to be a Russian, and a China man who doesn't want to be a China man.
And although I don't make any fact or conclusions here about the state of the world(I am just as confused as anyone), I only have this to say about freedom in America... for the man who doesn't want to be American, he is allowed to lead a life that is non-American whilst in America.

By the way, everything i've written has to be considered fictions, when i say things like "...a land that hates us..." i in by no way consider that my point of view. i don't have a point of view anymore. i don't know what to believe.

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