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FEMA and the DMV

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posted on Oct, 3 2003 @ 10:18 AM
Perhaps I am being overly paranoid, but I had a familiar thought when I heard something the other day. I live in New Jersey and all of a sudden, in the past month, they have new DMV laws about licenses and license renewals where you have to present a ridiculous amount of documentation and personal information to get a license. Surprisingly I have heard nothing in the media about it, but I know people that were rejected because the only had 3 forms of identification. The reason that I say this struck a cord with me is because I recalled the idea that if FEMA declares marshal law they will have everyone go to their local post office and register or something. Well, what if they are not waiting, or simply anticipating, for marshal law and beginning to get a better database of information right now. New Jersey, to my knowledge, is the first state to start these new DMV procedures. Any thoughts?

[Edited on 3-10-2003 by Jonna]

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