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Permission to innovate!?! Manditory Backdoors in software/hardware?!?

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posted on Feb, 5 2006 @ 06:55 AM
If it is then I feel really sorry for you Americans
Giving the FCC this kind of power smells like the beginnings of a true overt Authoritarian Regime not the (relatively)Covert one you guys have right now.

Templeton claims that the CALEA expansion proposed by the FCC would "require that people get permission to innovate" and would also create "regulatory barriers to entry.""The FBI gets veto on new companies," according to Templeton. Another, more threatening aspect of the regulation is its mandate that a "back door" be built into all Internet-communications hardware and software to provide access for law enforcement agencies. This same back door could be exploited by hackers to listen in and record these Internet communications, according to Templeton.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

You guys got to throw all these bums out of Washington over the next few years.... Vote Libertarian as they seem to be the ONLY party willing to stand up against BS like this
Nip this in the bud before it starts spreading...

Combine this with the broadcast flag and other draconian measures to clamp down on digital art and communications and we will start to see the formation of a very bleak future...

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posted on Feb, 6 2006 @ 02:00 PM
I have known that this has been in place for over twenty years now. When home computers came out it was installed. This is the true function of the
V-chip. A back door.
I dont know what some of you could possibly be thinking. Do any of you know what kind of private/government arrangements/regulations are in pace for the government to get into the phone companys...automatically and monitor. It has been this way since the rotary dial days. Touch tone phone systems only made this system faster.
How much of a quantum leap is it to go from monitoring through the phone company to monitoring home computers since they often use the same lines. HOw about cable and DSL??? It only works faster if they want to monitor and trace you.
Look on the back of any electronic device you buy at the stores..what do you think it means FCC type appoved???? Why do you think they want you to register this or that kind of equipment warrantys with the manufacturers.?? Most of it is cheap enough if it breaks you just go get another one.
Remember the telephone answer machines with the special function on them where you can call your home from a remote location and put in a code and monitor what is happening in your house...from afar?? Governments quickly know the different codes if you have registered the warrantys with the manufacturers. What does this tell you about monitoring your house. Governments dont have to put a bug in your house've already done it for them.
What do you think it means if you purchase electronic devices by check or debit card...or even at Sams or Costco...the purchases can be tied to you and your address by computer..what you bought even if you buy using cash...this is the purpose of the Sams club card and others of similar type. To insure tracability of what you buy by electronic bar code and the magnetic strip on your card...all tied together. They know exactlly what electronics you have purchased...other things too. No more privacy by cash purchasing cutting the thread. This Costco...or SAms club or the MVP card at Food Lion is the
V-Chip backdoor.
These places many of them Home Depot or Radio Shack asking for my zip code or telephone number..I tell them no if I am paying cash.
You think they cannot monitor your cordless phone..even the new 5 gig phones...spread spectrum digital. How about if it also has a base set with a answer machine on it.??
What are you people thinking??
All this stuff is sold to you under the guise of convenience?? What are you people thinking. How about your pagers???

Think it through ...the electronic!!

By the way ..this trend did not start with this administration..these facilities were put in long others.

Send in those warrantys as you can.

Listen to this speech by the this guy Alberto Gonzolez...he is telling you that the Government has been doing this for years now...all the politicians know this ..they are just stumping for thier partys and jerking the public off for votes in the publics ignorance. This is politics..not the buisness of the public. If you want privacy have to do it yourself...dont look to the government to do this for you.
Notice in public schools they dont teach you anything about this type of privacy ..why is that??? Are they in on it ..keeping you on the ignorance.??? Is this really education ..??


posted on Feb, 8 2006 @ 08:41 PM
FCC approval for electronic devices just means that they interfere with radio. Havings seen the process of getting FCC approval, I know that the FCC doesn't directly approve devices. Instead, devices are approved by independent testing labs. However, the labs don't really check the equipment other than testing for electronmagnetic interference.

So far as registering your product is concerned, the main purpose is so they can market to you, and probably sell your address. However, in some circumstances, it can be used to track you. It was recently revealed that most printers add a small, hidden code to most printed documents. Along with registering your printer warranty, they can trace everything you've printed directly back to you.

The other area would be with respect to Windows. Your name is added when you register or install software. Windows is full of security, which may be intentional or unintentional. Spyware along with various viruses and worms can get on your computer, and once it does everything on your computer can be transmitted to whoever controls the spyware. This could seriously compromise privacy, although registration isn't really required.

I suppose registration helps them know who has bought various products. However, on an aggreagte scale it is much easier to just find out directly from retailer, or from you credit card company. They have information about all of your purchases, while the manufacturer would only know about their specific product.


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