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Prototype LTA to Fly in 2009

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posted on Feb, 6 2006 @ 07:37 AM

oh, and ch1466
I'm a fan of the Israel wall...I like the way they did it...instead of pouring the cement in form where the wall will lay, they simple did a cast of one small piece of wall, and just made a bunch of copies...which greatly lowers the price tag. But Israel it tiny...the US/Mex border would be VERY expensive. and they find big tunnels quite often, so I dont know how you would solve the tunneling issue. Since ground sensors would go off far to ofter from various things like animals.

The UGS (unattended ground sensor) I saw the border patrol employing were camouflaged cameras that looked like rocks and used some kind of transmission device to relay images after having been motion tripped. If it's an animal, ignore. If it's a smuggler, scramble the pink team off the alert pad. Walking is never going to beat helicopters. And holding a field court by which the IE's see their 'guide' read his rights, tried and SHOT for all their wasted money would tend to undermine their confidence in further adventures, if only on an economic basis.

Tunnels are best handled by Impulse SAR. Looks through upwards of 200ft of ice, probably a little less for rocky dirt and concrete. Indeed, we have used the Swedish Carabas on a platform as light as a Cessna Skymaster. For that matter we could use 'shotgun geoseismics' with thumpers, it's not like we don't KNOW (by area) where they are digging them and where they _have to_ go.

Something to keep in mind about tunnels is that they only work if you both ENTER AND EXIT them, under cover. And in proximity to a good route to put the goods onto mass transport for rapid distribution. i.e. a Warehouse.
Warehouses and highways don't exist in the middle of the desert scrub.

DEA has known about the one that CNN briefed yesterday for at least two and a half years and did _nothing_ to stop the massive flow of narcotics and illegals. Reason? It was probably an intentional 'controlled release' element of doing business with the local mafias and staying connected (and rich) in the process. Don't you just /love/ our intel organizations now?

Like I say, everything works on a hands-washing business of getting a little piece of a total quota. And until we change the system of defacto slave labor which is 'pure capitalism' by which this occurs, we will never be able to /get along without it/.

And if we say "death", and put a bullet in every illegal that wouldn't look very good since were not at war with them.

Every nation has a right to secure it's borders sir. The measure of one's greatness is whether you are a prison to your own people trying to escape as Russia and her GRU Borderguards once were. Or a golden palace that with very high walls that everyone wants to steal 'just a little' from.

Don't let the media confuse you with rants about 'totalitarianism' and 'police states'. Believe me, nobody on the South Side of the border is fooled.

So I think mines is the best option. No walls, just signs stating that there is a 3,000 mile long mind field, and its 1 mile thick...some above ground, and below, some hidden, some in plain view, and use a variety of different ones.

See, I find bullets to be more merciful because they are more deliberate in their targeting. Mines only save lives if they deter everyone.

If it's dead of night and there are no klieg lights a mine can, for instance, kill a child or a pregnant woman.

Who are nominally too innocent and too compromised in their 'shared' responsibilities to be slaughtered for being stupid in and of themselves or as a function of company-of-others in a 'wrong place, wrong time' condition.

OTOH, if you insist on mines, they need to be command detonated based on MTI radar area sensors and all of them buried. Because if not, they will be scavenged and turned against you. Or worked around as a function of countermeasures.

That said, the true utility of mines is the passage denial -effort- it takes to find an alternate route without confrontation. Because effort translates to time in which you can effect an intercept. And more money makes it less and less economical to be caught with all the goodies that are needed to make the run.

And that increased difficulty is what I would hope to impart by driving them out further and further into the bush, which is where I hope to give the American Coyotes a /really/ bad name. Among our own people.

If I don't want illegals in America, it's time I started killing the Americans who make it happen. Police Yur Own and you triple the 'moral propinquity' by which others must judge you as you judge ourselves.

That way if a dozen illegals try and cross and they all die...its not your fault...They shouldn't have been there, its illegal to cross, and you posted warning signs...what more could you do.

The best thing here on a 'to do' list would be to reorganize the Peace Corps along the motto'd lines of 'one nation at a time, with heavy equipment!'.

This being a variation on the 'give a fish and feed for a day' biblical idiocy in that if you build /things/ rather than giving money (which instantly vanishes into a bureacracy built on corruption) through NAFTA trade concessions etc., you have both more direct control over how your assistance is directly applied.

And a year-by-yearly ability to stop or shift the aid if things get worse.

Put simply, crime doesn't pay in wealthy nations ONLY so long as they are not bordered by slums. But rebuilding those slums must be done in a manner which doesn't fail for want of scale as much as confidence and belief.

As is, we could spend the next 100+ years bringing education, roads, power and clean water (i.e. infrastructure) to Mexico and by that time, as things now stand, America would be a ruin.

The ONE THING you are missing here is that every time you are forced to spend money 'protecting yourself' from someone else' mistake, you pay into the theory of paranoia by which 'security is profitable'. Which is an out and out lie.

Because, whatever you save in money that does not wander back into Mexico (or drains our health care and school systems, here). You give to those 'providing the security'.

And that's just silly. Because if our wealth is so valuable, it should be up to the Mexican government to _clean their own house_ to assure access to it, legally.

And in terms of paying a penalty for not being honorable participants in nation:nation diplomacy, it is a lot less stressful than (American) force on (Mexican) civillian alternatives.

THE LAW works. So long as you hold the longest end of the stick by which you can deny someone your friendship as much as beat them for their transgressions against you.


posted on Apr, 16 2009 @ 04:55 AM
reply to post by OneGodJesus

Hello OneGodJesus

Did you get any Pentagon help?
Do you hav images of plane artifacts?
Was it from a C-130 plane ?



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