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Pre world war one bunkers in Australia!

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posted on Jan, 27 2006 @ 12:03 AM
I heard a while back and nothing since bout a secret joint US and Australian project that constructed underground bunkers with large tunnel complexes under the major cities on Australian east coast just before world war one. The smaller ones i heard have been discovered and there was word of some sort of bunker complex discovered when the Sydney underground rail complex was being built, but what I'm after is information about the Melbourne one.

Legend has it that it was secretly built as a 'last stand weapons chache' in case Australia was attacked from the north and we had to fall back to Melbourne to make a last stand. It was meant to be filled with an enormous amount of rifles, ammunition trucks, artillery and tanks and was topped up just befoe world war two. There was 4 or 5 tunnels running from it to the outer areas around melbourne going about 15 kms. These were all filled with several meters thick of concrete to ensure no one could ever get in.

How the topic came to light was that someone in the government was looking for descendants of the workers who built it who were sworn to secrecy about it, in case they told their children where the tunnels were located. Because the government was worried that close to 80 year old ammunition and bombs might be rusting through and unexpectedly exploding underneath melbourne in the future. I've heard of a rumoured location in the western suburbs of melbourne but nothing else since.

If anyone has any information that they could offer me, because i'd like to launch my own tunnel expedition to uncover this vast cache of historical weapons and military exquipment before the government does.

KOZAK - live free or die fighting for it

posted on Jan, 27 2006 @ 03:36 AM
Kozak, Jon Faine on Melbourne's 774 ABC radio was talking about the Melb. tunnels a few years back, on his show.

I can't remember the details other than he didn't deny their existance and Jon just loves debunking too much not to hoe into something there's any doubt on.

Ascot Vale rings a bell when I try to remember where they were suspected of having enterances but I could be way out.

Sorry I couldn't be more help but it may pay to call his producers and see if you can raise it on talk back.

posted on Jan, 27 2006 @ 12:24 PM
I heard a while back of a load of B-29's (or maybe B-17s, I can't quite remember) that were buried in the outback either during or at the end of WWII.

Wish I could remember more detail than that, but maybe it's something else to go on?

posted on Feb, 13 2006 @ 06:52 PM
I heard this mentioned recently in an interview. That there is an undergriound bunker in Pine Gap Australia, and this is where the Elite would go escape Nuclear fallout, as it won't drift into the southern hemisphere.

Not sure how true this is tho ...


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