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Governments Plan To Tax Personal Housework & Cleaning?

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posted on Jan, 25 2006 @ 08:20 PM
Don't ask me where I got this info. I also can't verify it (That's why it's in Skunk Works), mostly because I was too lazy to go look for credible sites talking about this, but I thought I would just throw it up and see if anybody else has some insight into this.

I heard it about Canada, but apparently all governments are currently working on this. They want to tax people, particularly housewives, on the housework and cleaning (dusting, laundry, etc) that they do. Their reasoning is that the GDP is understated, due to these things not having financial transations, while it actually "rises the value of your house". Essentially they consider it the same as having a maid. But if you had a maid, you would not be required to pay this tax, as the maid would already be paying taxes (thus it is meant to also help the rich people avoid more tax, and pass off a bunch to the poor.)

So basically they are going to accomplish this by offering housewives pension credits. But in the process, they will also be taxing for all the work you perform at home, even though you don't get paid and no transactions take place (since it would be sort of pointless to pay yourself for work you do).

So Governments around the world are currently taking censuses and surveys, under the guise of wanting to give out pension credits to housewives, when really they just want to tax people for cleaning their own houses. They are doing this to gather data about how much the average person spends on these tasks, or how much it would be worth to hire someone else to do it for you. And when they get a good estimate, the plan will be put underway and people will be TAXED WHEN THEY AREN'T EVEN EARNING MONEY.

Doesn't this seem sort of ridiculous, since they aren't even earning money to pay such taxes?

Does anybody else know something about this? Please share.

EDIT: Title grammar.

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