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Good news from Afghanistan

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posted on Jan, 23 2006 @ 12:45 AM

I'm a broad-minded person," declared the Afghan driving instructor. "But I was shocked by her behaviour."

"Really?" I asked. His female student had laughed. Was that really so bad?

"It was shameful and embarrassing," he replied. "Her character is no better than that of an animal."

Afghanistan has changed a lot since the collapse of the Taleban regime in 2001.

The first democratic parliamentary elections in more than 30 years were held last September. And women - in some areas - have come out from beneath the burqa after years of being held virtual prisoners in their own homes.

They are now free to walk in public, without a male relative by their side, and can work, vote and even learn how to drive.

The winds of change are blowing thou Afghanistan. We shouldnt kidd ourselvs Afghanistan has a long way to go before it is able to take care of its own security. However it is nice to note that US and coalition efforts are having a postive effect in the war torn country.

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