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theres a ghost in my bathroom ;-)

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posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 09:19 PM
There should be another forum here for ghosty things?

My mum has been telling me that usually when she has a shower she turns the dial up to 5 so its just hot enough, as you do,.. but when she turns away from it, it starts to turn up to full.. which is 8... and scalding...

Once when it happend she turned it back down to 5, turned away and it did it again! and then a 3rd time!!

As my mum was telling me this my sister was part of the convo and she said ''its been happening to me too!'' she didnt say anything to noone before because she just thought its impossible and she must have somehow knocked it... and its happend a few times to her too.

I know thats what your all thinking,, they knocked it up by accident, or im lying, and trust me im not that sad to waste my time lying! The thing is the dial is too stiff to knock up by accident.... and its never happend to any of us 3 men in the house.. just the women.

Besides this my mum has seen a ghost in the basement of a little girl.. (she used to do seances in past and has loads of exp with ghosts) my other sister has had her butt touched by some other ghost in the basement..
and my cat does freak out from time to time for no reason.. like he is looking at something.. but the higher you go up the house the safer it is.. im glad im at the top! lol

I think this stuff has a forum on ATS? im not sure... but its not exactly top secret so it should be on here.

Anyway i just thought id share that cause i am so bored.

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