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NWO currently in position for 'the kill'.

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posted on Jan, 16 2006 @ 12:31 AM
I've been slowly following the recent news around the world and I'm going to throw out a theory about the War on Terror..

I'm thinking this entire war may be happening, and allowed to drag on, for a specific worldly agreed upon reason.

The United States has the military power to completely seize and arrest every single Iraqi Citizen in an attempt to flush out terrorists and problem civilians. Yet, instead of dumping all our military might and numbers on Iraq for a very brief time, we slowly drag it on, poking along the way but not really doing much damage.

Our military specialists can scout out millions of miles of land via satelite and can't deploy marines and/or secret force personel to a "problem house" for further survelience?

If you watch the footage coming back from our Iraqi soldiers, you'll see that theres a WHOLE lot of just standing around.

My brother is a Staff Sargent and has been in the War since it started. Hes been in in Iraq and has been sending home footage of what hes going through out there about every week.

At first I was hooked. Pure and utter War. Dudes shooting it out in flurry of gunfire for hours. Enough to keep my hairs (nerves) standing the entire time. It was like I was really there for the entire 3 hour battle. Kudos to my bro for commanding his guys and using the camera to further scout out targets.

But the moral of the videos is that now, I watch the intro, and my brothers guys give shoutouts to their wives, children, and family for a long time and are just grateful they survived the "tough" battles and are now just hanging out.

Its almost as if the military won the fight, and is now just giving the impression of a continuing fight by just letting the insurgents group up and just bomb them with intelligence and guided missles in small numbers.

But regardless of what the current military is doing in Iraq, one thing I know, and the fighters know, is that they're not telling us everything here. We could finish this war in 1 month yet we refuse to do it.


Theres always been discussion about a New World Order. Yet, alot of the discussion about the NWO are very 'American' bias and seemed to center around a general American contrentration camp scenario.

I suspect the true NWO is an international organization much like the U.N. Yet instead of talking about what 'Good' it can do for the world, they discuss bargains, corporations, profits, and possibly oil field grabs.

Did you ever wonder why Saddam was hiding? Why a camera was present when he was removed from the hole and shown all over the world?

If you ask me, the entire situation was staged.

The 4th Infantry was responsible for the "discovery". Further look into the 4th Infantry will shed to light that the 4th Infantry is the ONLY infantry fully digital. Every discussion, streaming video from every soldier, vehicle and soldier GPS positions.

And the only infantry to pocess (at the time) personal streaming video feeds.


So out of all the divisions.. they pick the fully integrated unit to get the absolute best footage and sling it all over TV.

Bravo America, jolly good show!

Let's take a look.

I walked into the Raider Base "Tactical Operations Center," a sort of war planning room full of high-tech gear and wide screens, where CNN has been granted extraordinary access. Tonight, the room was packed with military officers. And tonight, I was politely and swiftly walked and talked out of the room. The hallway was heavy with the smell of cigar smoke. ... Keeping "operational security" -- the military's term for a policy allowing them to keep the media from reporting sensitive information -- in mind, I needed to find a way to figure out who had been taken into custody. I asked one military source -- if we were playing poker with the U.S.'s "most-wanted Iraqi" deck of cards, "Which card would you be holding?"

I was hoping to hear "Ace of Spades, that's Saddam's card." But lady luck was not on my side. No answer from the source, but a bit of encouragement: "Are you religious? If so, I would say a prayer, light a candle, carry out a sacrifice, whatever works for you" because Sunday will be a busy day. You will just have to wait and see."


From the guardhouse rooftop venue, I could see over the three meter high security fence and into the palace grounds. I filmed dozens of U.S. forces gathering in front of the Bradleys, with my night scope-equipped camera I could see military leadership giving what looked to be a pep talk to the troops. Their response, an occasional "Hoo-Ha!" ripped through the night air. Then some of the service members pulled out their own cameras and started taking pictures. Posing like a soccer team on the pitch before the match. Bright smiles. Arms over the shoulders. Shaking hands with captain and colonel.

Some facts above the raid:

It was a team of 600 soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division and U.S. special forces

Acted on the tip that Saddam was hiding in a little town called al-Dawr, 15 miles from his hometown of Tikrit.

These soldiers had been scouring the area for months

U.S. intelligence sources tell Time that over the past month they were getting better leads. “In the last three to four weeks, our forces have been able to capture people we’ve been hunting all summer,” said Lieut. Colonel Steven Russell, the commander of the 4th’s 1-22 Infantry Regiment. “This was the inner circle, and we were taking pieces out of it.” Last week they could tell they were getting closer and closer. “Four days ago, an individual was captured that led to the capture of the man we believed was Saddam’s right-hand man,” Russell told Time. “He was captured two days ago. Information he had led to information that led to the capture of Saddam Hussein.”


You're telling me the military can pull of a raid like this and can't seem to stop the fighting in Iraq? A mix of intelligence, firepower, and tactical positioning lead to the capture of Saddam. Yet, we can't do that to stop the rest of the Al-Queda group?

So lets look farther down the pipeline. The capture itself seem really easy, so why cant we find a huge group of terrorists reeking havoc? With our current technology, we could real-time stream satelite video from the sky at any location. We can monitor 'safe houses' without them even knowing it.

Yet, we can't seem to find any bad guys. Huh?

And add in the complete lack of fighting currently happening on the field (from my bro's vids), then what exactly is really going on in Iraq?

Again, why has this been allowed to continue?

We already know we can clean it up in 1 month if we were to apply real might. Yet, we continue to fight with one fist and are actually sorta "playing" with Iraq now. Why?

This is where you can throw in Fear. Why continue fighting a war if you no longer need to fight the war? You all witnessed how fast Afghanistan's government was remolded. Whats taking so long in Iraq?

While the American public remains completely afraid of the big bad terrorists,

Google: Results of about 78,800,000 for Terrorist

and in return, surrender all of their personal freedoms with the Patriot Act

Google: Results of about 37,100,000 for Patriot Act.

And allow warrantless spying on its own people to occur.

Google News: Results of about 1,300 for NSA Wiretapping.

all the while attempting to discredit another country as it did Iraq using the very same tactics they used to discredit Iraq.

Google News: Results of about 43,000 for Iran.

And completely ignoring the rights and voices of the people they "represent".

What's really going on here? A War on Terror? Or a war on the American citizens?

If you ask me, the NWO is setting things in motion. By 2012, the UN is prepared to relinquish control and the American Government, along with several other prominent countries, are prepared to completely take over the world. And Iraq being a catalyst for the American takeover, is but a pawn in the great schemes of things. Could Russia, China, and Europe be attempting to do the same thing by grabbing a peice of the oil piece with Iran, and future lands?

Jolly good ride if you ask me. Hope we all make it.

God I love SkunkWorks!


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