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Impact of Iran war discussions on Financial Markets

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posted on Jan, 14 2006 @ 04:20 AM
I didn't see a section to discuss financial concerns so someone can move this if a forum is available.

Anyway I'm wondering what the opinions of everyone are concerning how financial markets may react to increased talk of war or possible attacks against Iran. Do you think international markets may go up or down? Do you think the value of the dollar will react positive or negative to news and rumors of a possible impending attack against Iran? If no attack occurs and Iran goes to an Euro standard for trading oil instead of the dollar, will this have a negative impact on the value of the dollar all by itself? I'm thinking it will.

posted on Jan, 19 2006 @ 10:48 PM
It's no coincidence then that we're planning on bombing the hell out of them some time before March, which is when the Euro transfer is supposed to start. The president of Iran wouldn't mind that so much I think, as his country's government is on the brink of imploding underneath all the angry youth, and a bombing would rally support and prevent this. It's a double-edged sword if you ask me, and the dollar has more problems than just Iran.

Bernanke, the elimination of M3, the surge in Hedge Fund traders in the Cayman Islands, the bankruptcies of major businesses like GM, Ford and the airline industry, the cooling housing industry and Fannie And Freddie still haven't reported their earnings which makes me think something criminal is amiss, the indiscriminate lending to unqualified applicants, the fact that our lifestyle requires foreign investors to buy up our debt but now that's slowing down, it's all a stall. The system is broke, man, and so the dollar will be as well. It's only a matter of time before the stupid people realize it, too, and that's when the ride gets rough.

posted on Jan, 21 2006 @ 04:32 AM
Apparently I found out some answers to my questions by watching the news this past week. All of the world's stocks seem to go down when disruptions to oil seem to be a possibility. I was actually thinking foreign markets might go up for some odd reason because the value of the dollar might be going down. I guess I got confused thinking the international market would show up positive because the value of the dollar might be going down. Oh well, looks likes it's going to be a rocky road.

I guess I was wondering if you thought the value of the dollar would crash, where would you put your money, in international stocks or in a money market account?

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posted on Jan, 22 2006 @ 02:07 AM
In gold, and not the gold you think you have but all it is is a piece of paper saying you own "this much". I mean the kind where you got bars sitting in front of you that you can bury out back. Then I'd invest in some good thorough knowledge of horticulture, and a green house on some land way outside the city with all the things you'd need to grow your own damn food even in bad weather. Don't spare any expense, if you gotta get less gold, that'd be the way to go. Governments tend to outlaw the ownership of gold in times of trouble, as they did back in the thirties. Don't bother with foreign investments, the entire system is doomed, not just our own economy, because we all just got too many people to take care of and not enough resources to meet all their needs. It really will get that bad.

Updated: Jittery Markets - Is a Crash Imminent? A thread on the imminent crash. I got a post explaining a few observations on the real state of the economy.

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