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Invention: Spy-diver killer (anti-terror) device

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posted on Jan, 11 2006 @ 07:57 AM
"If you are scuba diving, be sure not to swim anywhere near any ship or installation that has been protected by the Raytheon Corporation's new "swimmer denial" system. Otherwise you will very quickly feel extremely sick and probably drown.

Raytheon’s underwater sensors detect any unwelcome presence and trigger an underwater sound system that emits extremely powerful pulses of low frequency audio. The pulse rate and audio frequency are chosen to make human organs resonate like organ pipes, causing swimmers to vomit into their masks or suffer internal ruptures.

The idea of blasting very powerful sound at underwater targets is not new. It can even be used to detonate incoming torpedoes. But it can also cause havoc with marine life."

Well when OBL gets scuba certified this will come in very handy. In the meantime how many innocent scuba divers carrying underwater mines must die.............

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