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Pakistani Earthquake TV Show

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posted on Jan, 10 2006 @ 01:44 PM
Just FYI:

On Friday and again on Saturday night (Jan. 13th and 14th), there will be a special on MTV about the Kashmir Earthquake in October, which killed over 53,000 people.

Amidst all the news of last fall, the coverage of this disaster was kind of squelched. Yet, there were 3 times more people effected by it than by hurricane Katrina.


Tune in for Aftershock: Diary Of Gideon in Pakistan on Friday, January 13th @ 7:30pm and Saturday, January 14th @ 8pm.

On October 8th in 2005, the 7.6-magnitude earthquake in South Asia killed tens of thousands of people - mostly in Pakistani Kashmir - and left millions homeless. The United Nations has said this is the most complex natural disaster rescue and recovery mission they have ever faced. Amidst dangerously cold temperatures and debilitating terrain, the relief efforts are crucial to the survivors.

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