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Ghost hunting...Any takers?

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posted on Jan, 10 2006 @ 12:00 PM
Many people claim to be witch hunters and ghost savvy psychics.
Where as many people are full of it and can seem to be really cheesy(ahem reality t.v)there are alot of strange things that go on behind the comfortable blinds of scociety.

When it comes to demons and ghosts there are those who wish great harm upon those who are living.For we support the etheral realm and keep it in place(in some circles).Some entities are greatful and come from our creators and minds to aid us and help us succeed as others have been created by the other side of the fence aswell as humanities darker side.

What ever the flow of your chi or life force.We all usually reside within one of three categories.Good neutral and evil.Whether or not you are active upon such tendencies to any means is trivial.

If anyone decides that they are really interested in seeing or coming into contact with things.You have to start to alter your core centre of perception.Start by questioning your beliefs in ghosts and goblins or whatever.weigh your personal experiences against what you have heard and read and decide.Do they exsist?.If you even feel uncertain you are on the right path.

Now start trying to understand what they are,and why they exsist.Dont generalize.Study individual cases,and treat them as individual beings or entities.Work on your memory and focus on details. the internet can be a very valueable source of hauntings.

What I would suggest the most is seek out the places that you are afraid of.Im not saying that there are ghosts there and that is why you are afraid,but you have to get a hold of yourself.Steel your soul and look into the darkness.I will tell you the further into the abandoned house you go or dark forest path,cemetery whatever.The stronger your fears may get.It is your fear that is your first battle as a ghost hunter/whatever.

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