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posted on Jan, 10 2006 @ 05:59 AM
When my mother was 18, she and her cousin and a friend of theirs played spiritism in a barn. Naturally my mother was interested in her future husband. She asked what was going to be his name and the board showed it to her. Then she asked if she would have any children. The board answered 2. Which is what happened. Now my mom and her brother have an age difference of 5 years, so she was keen on knowing weather her kids would have any age difference. The answer was 6 years. Which is what also happened.

Then they asked "who is moving this glass?" the board answered: the devil. They were starting to get a bit afraid. Then my mother asked "where are you?" and again the board answered. This time the answer was so frightening that my mother and the girls ran out of the barn. The answer was " under the barn". She has never played it again. However when she met my dad, she knew he was the one because the table had said so.. And his name is not that common.

Anyways, I am extremely interested in this, playing spiritism, but I'm afraid. I have no intention to go and "play" with these things..

Have you tried spiritism?!

posted on Jan, 10 2006 @ 12:48 PM
I am spiritism..So are you.If you allow yourself to be. As far as such things go.I think youre talking about talking directly through a physical media such as a board with letters.Ouiji or whatever its called.

First if you want to do these things you must know that you are asking in a general aspect leaving grounds for anything to answer.Many people when they are young are more pure and are not as marked therefore safer than those who have grown up so to speak.Not to say that only bad spirits would likely answer but.Communication even on such a bare medium as
this can have dire reprocutions(sp?).If you want to play with the fire you may get burned.

posted on Jan, 10 2006 @ 10:26 PM
I can tell you my own experience.

It happened more or less 10 years ago. I was at the seaside, in a hotel owned by the family of one of my dearest friends.
With another guy we went in a room (well, it wasn't exactly a room, but i don't know its name in English, so room is gonna be ok anyway), and tried a spiritual seance (i think it's called this way): you form a "chain" holding each other's hand and try to call someone. We had a book, in which there was a prayer to God, asking Him to protect and help us in contacting only good entities.

Well, we formed the chain, said the prayer, and then after a little pause my friend (the owner of the hotel) asked "Spirit, are you with us? One knock yes, two koncks maybe, three no". He said he had seen the light flicker a little, but since the other two of us hadn't seen anything, we decided to ask for a more evident sign.
So, my friend asked again "Spirit, are you with us? Please, if so, could you give us a more evident proof, because if the light was an answer, we haven't understood it. One knock yes, two maybe, three no".

Now comes the freaky part (it still gives me the creeps after 10 years). As soon as my friend stopped talking, we all heard two loud booms right in the room we were in. We stared each other for a brief moment, then ran away from there.

We tried to reproduce those booms in every way, but of course we didn't manage to.

Personally, i think it was a warning. Probably a benevolent entity answered us and, since we were very young (14, 15 yrs old), decided to scare the hell out of us in order to teach us not to mess with certain things.

Lesson learnt, believe me!

Well, i think we've been lucky, very lucky, because i've heard of similar things (especially those performed with Ouija boards) going bad.

Very bad.

[edit on 10-1-2006 by Sparhawk]

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