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why are the inmates running the asylum?

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posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 08:35 PM
I am not a young pup or and old geezer, somewhere in between, but thru my life of watching the news, reading books and articles, why is is that some who suffer from mental illness seem to end up at bellvue and other institutions and some end up as TYRANTS, DICTATORS, PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, TEACHERS , JUDGES etc, etc,etc.

What is is about people who have mesmerising personalities albeit , mental ones end up serving our nations, teach our children, construct suicide cults, govern our municipalities, have the uncanny ability to make seem what they are spousing is normal.

Some joe blow on the street rambling inconsistencies is put away but people like David Koresh, Adolph Hitler, Aliester Crowley, Pol pot, Joseph Di Mambro and etc. I'm sure I missed more than a few, are able to conform certain masses to their doctrine.

Have we become a world where this is the norm?

Are some people so desperate for some kind of faith and direction that they feel that this is all they have left.

What turns a normal respectable, hardworking citizen into a follower of this demise.

Just think "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" and I guess you have your answer.

But my question is why do we continue to let this happen. Why is it that someone like Pat Roberston is able to still go on national television and spout all his crap when most of us think he's an idiot and should be put away.

I guess after all ,it's not the most of us that "rule the school" but the few that do.

When will we as a society stop this from continuing?

Just curious as to what others think on this.

posted on Jan, 9 2006 @ 06:53 AM
I'm less worried about someone like Aliester Crowley than someone like George Bush or the big boys of international banking and business, because they're the ones who have the real influence.

I think people are consistently, from birth, indoctrinated in a belief system about humanity that creates sweeping apathy amongst people. I think it's so pervasive that it's largely undetected unless it's brought to one's attention.

Everything is so compartmentalised and divided, that it's difficult for most people to see the bigger picture, and we're constantly taught to concentrate on the minute detail, white wash and fair-ground attractions of life, that everything else can can go undetected or ignored for as long as possible, by which time, it can be blamed on a scape-goat or predecessors.

The system does work, clearly, but it's not perfect, otherwise there wouldn't be so many members on a site like this - Look at how many different discussion forums there on here, and they all bleed into each other at times because there clearly is a conspiracy.

I think, going back to the idea of indoctrinaton, that we're taught that humanity is a self-destructive, war like race, so we come to rationalise and expect war and desctruction, because we're taught that that is who we are.

But every other day there's a documentary on television, or a book published explaining the details of past wars, going behind the curtain and showing them to be financial and political games of power, not by the general population who do the dirty work of fighting and dying, but the politicians and bankers and businessmen who control and gain from these conflicts.

I don't know why more people don't put two and two together - if they've been doing it all through history, what makes it different today?

Human beings, I think, are looking for a sort of togetherness, a oneness, maybe it's simply genetic, that we're programmed with a desire to stick with the strongest social groups so that our genetics and species continue - this behaviour can be seen in animals, so it's fair to assume it can be true for us also.

There is a herd mentality in human beings, it's relatively easy to control large groups of people - this skill has been honed and magnified throughout the years, to where we have mass-media communication now that has replaced many of the older forms of smaller local or family communications, and I the deeper someone has been born into this system, the easier I think it is to exert influence, because they've never known anything different.

Unless someone is given a reason to, there is little reason to break from the herd, or question authority, because it brings up a lot of questions about the self - Such as:

- If they didn't invade Iraq because Saddam was a threat to us, what DID they invade for? Oil? Money?
Which leads to....
- Would they really spill all that blood, on both sides, just for oil or money?
Which leads to.......
- Do those in political power really have so little regard for human life that they'd knowingly use people like pawns or cattle?

And on it goes...... A lot of tough questions because sooner or later one will arrive at.......

- Well, if this is true, then I've been fooled. We've all been fooled, even my mom, my dad, my teachers (i.e. my tangible authority figures)?

Does one feel ashamed at being had? Feel scared, alone and powerless?

Not very nice feelings......... Much better to just look at who's winning in Football, who's #1 in the pop charts, which movie star is having an affair, which one had a boob-job, and which politicians are giving the best manifesto blurb - the left or the right. They're easy questions to answer, because they reinforce the belief systems and view of the world that the mass media is pumping out to us at an overwhelming rate every single day, over and over - and for all the world's problems is generally OK, and it's the goodies vs the baddies, right vs wrong, this or that, cut or dry. Easy questions, easy answers.

I don't think it's that difficult to influence large numbers of people, you just have to know what buttons to press. Until people start to wake up, I'm afraid that it will just continue, I don't know what it would take for everyone to 'snap out of it' - If one uses the same mass-control influences and techniques as THEM, aren't we just as bad? People have to come to their own conclusions - that's the conspiracy, that people don't have the power - When a few control the many, they can't do it with brute force, because they don't have that kind of strength, but control people's minds, influence their view of the world from cradle to grave, then you have them.

We do have the power, we're the masses - We just have to realise it. I think everyone has a potential light-bulb moment, it's just finding everybodies light-switches!

posted on Jan, 9 2006 @ 10:24 AM
I didn't think I'd ever see the day when Alister Crowley, Hitler and Pol Pot were thrown into the same group as evil dictators.

And Pat Robertson...I may not agree with what he says, but in America shouldn't he be allowed to say it?

We all still have free will and to deny the ramblings of those who are different shows me that this country is further away from its ideals than I thought.
There is always the danger that John Doe could become the next Hitler, but does that mean we should trash Freedom of Speech to insure it never happens? Are we that dumbed down we don't know right from wrong? Are we so spineless that we fall prey to every smooth-talker we run into?

There's a lot wrong with the world today, but I have not given up on the goodness of people to spot evil.


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