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Russian Space Lazer Warfare

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posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 07:14 PM
So heres the story...
I was talking to my Uncle who is the head of all of the SWAT Training between Florida and Puerto Rico and he was telling me about a possible rape case that he was called into. He went to the location and ended up arresting a middle aged man. He had a very strong Russian accent and kept saying that my uncle couldn't arrest him. My uncle responded to say "And why can I not arrest you?". The man repeated himself over and over saying that he can't be arrested... My uncle became irritated and pulled off to the side of the road on the way to the station and told the man that He isn't going anywhere... they'll sit there all night if it takes. The man finally after about 20 minutes said "Alright..., I'm a Russian scientist with space lazer warfare."
My uncle in disbelief laughed at the man and said, "Ha!! sure....".
He started up the car and took down to the station, filled out all of the paper work, and put him in a cell.
He came back the next day on his regular schedule and found that the "Scientist" wasn't there. He asked the woman at the desk who bailed him out. She responded to say that the Russian FBI came an esscorted him out.

I don't know if this story is entirely true, but my uncle is not the type to lie and he did tell me that I don't have to believe it or not. And most of all... not to tell anybody... Well..., it's been two years and I've done alot of thinking on what this "Space Lazer Warfare" could possibly be. Just think about it. And that is why I wanted other's to know about it.

posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 11:46 PM
That is very interesting. I don't know if that man was telling the truth but I will give my opinion on space laser warfare.

I would bet one of my lungs (ok maybe not that much) that the Russians have a space warfare program of their own, and that they've seriously considered lasers. That was essentially the philosphy behind Reagen's Star Wars program, using laser armed satellites.

The Russians are known to have already created "space mines" which were basically suicide satellites. And I highly doubt that the Russians would want the US to be the only one with a counter-missle defensive system.

So whether or not that arrested man was telling the truth, there is little doubt the Russians are interested in such a thing.

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