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Are Shadow People attracted to suffering- possibly violent???

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posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 01:34 AM
Well, I spend very little time in this forum normally, but consequently I could very much use the help of people who do, because I just don't follow this subject, and it's suddenly become relevant.

When I was a freshman in highschool, there was a short time when my mom began having serious breathing problems when she slept. She would take a few deep irregular breaths, then stop breathing. Luckily she worked nights, and because it was a one bedroom apartment, my brothers and I would be there, notice, and wake her up, at which point she could breathe fine.

I always had a very dark feeling about it. It never even really occurred to me that it might be medical- somehow I just had a sense that there was some entity behind it.
I had never actually heard of a "shadow person" at that age, as a real phenomenon, although of course I had read things that were not to be taken seriously about shadowy demons attacking astral projectors and such. I'd always kind of envisioned it being that kind of entity- only real. I never saw it, it was just kind of the sense I had for some reason (and I don't claim to be psychic).

Well, just recently I found out something I never knew before. My mom does in fact see shadow people, or something she believes to be shadow people. Not out of the corner of her eyes either- she claims one rides her motorcycle, sitting directly in front of her, and not exclusively at night as I initially suspected (I was looking for a rational explanation because I don't actually believe in shadow people).

The common thread between the phenomenon she's experienced is that they seem to show up when she's in or just coming out of bad relationships.

When she left the meth-crazed cross-dresser, the breathing thing started.

When she lived with the 6'5" Hessian biker (who has since become wanted on federal charges, and marked by his former gang, I hear), she started seeing "ghosts", hearing noises, having lights and the air conditioner do odd things, and occasionally coming home to an empty house to find that a cup had apparently let itself out of the cupboard, closed the door behind itself, and smashed itself in the middle of the floor (more than once!). They always assumed it was her boyfriends deceased wife.

Now that she's left him, a shadow person rides her bike with her.

So long story short, I would really like to know if there's any generally accepted explanation of Shadow People. Are they the good guys or the bad guys or neither, what attracts them, etc etc etc?

posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 02:51 AM

I'm not sure if you've seen that link before, but I thought I'd submit it for your review just in case

The general consensus from those on this forum seems to be that shadow people are indeed attracted to negative emotions and energy. Some theorize that they are ghosts, some claim they are demons. Some venture to say that they are beings from another dimension that overlaps ours.

Yet another popular theory is that these things even somehow feed off of negative emotions and energy. As in, they actually recieve some form of sustenance from negative emotions.

I'm not ready to pidgeon-hole them into a category of ghosts/demons/alien beings but I can tell you from my experiences the negative energy that seems to surround them is enormous and they seemingly try to intentionally intimidate people. There have been supposed cases of physical attacks but these seem to be somewhat rare.

I want to tell you, I'm the type of person that doesn't believe ANYTHING until I've either seen it with my own two eyes, or have some other source of irrefutable evidence. And twice I have had encounters with entities that fit the rubric of "shadow people". Let me tell you my friend, both of those experiences were VERY negative. The stories are too long to get into and I don't want to hijack your thread, but the first and most intense encounter took place in a house that was a hotbed of paranormal activity. There was an ample supply of negative emotions and energy in this house. This encounter was witnessed not only by myself, but also by three of my friends and lasted for about six hours.

posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 04:12 AM
Thanks for your input man.

As for the house that was a hotbed of paranormal activity... before anyone laughs at that notion, you've got to get your first vibe of what my brother calls "drug spirits".

Some places are just friggin wierd. Any place which has been inhabited for a great length of time by 3 or more hardcore tweakers stands a very good chance of becoming down right otherwordly, and it doesn't necessarily seem to go away when they leave and somebody cleans up.

There are a lot of rumors about what kind of places there are out in the desert around Morongo Valley, CA (meth capital of the known universe)... if it wasn't for the fact that I believe my bro about how bad it is, I'd be curious enough to load up my rifle and go get a look for myself.

I don't believe in many things, but I dang well believe that some things are DEFINATELY paranormal.

And the shadow people... don't know what to make of it. Maybe I'll have to grill my mom for more details.

posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 03:43 PM
By all means get more details and post them here, we'll discuss them.

Interesting concept about the "drug spirits". I think that makes perfect sense, negative entities being attracted to the emotions that come with the use of dangerious drugs(meth).

posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 04:01 PM
Just before I got into my most recent long term relationship. I was attempting to do some astral projection and I saw, what I assume to be a shadow person. It told me, kind of in my head as opposed to with words, that what I was doing wasn't safe and to stop. I asked it various questions and out of the few minutes that I saw him it was relayed to me that he was always there, that sometimes I would see him, other times not. I still see him sometimes. For instance, I just got out of a long term relationship and I've seen him quite a bit lately. But generally when I'm depressed, or scared.
He's never been malicious though. Although I never had these breathing problems that your mother has.
If I were you, I would take her to get checked out at the doctors first and foremost, to rule out and possibility of the problem being medical. Then write down all of her symptoms, take variables out, and go from there.
Good luck
Be safe

posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 04:12 PM
Lenina, your encounter with the described shadow person seems to be fairly benevolent. For the purpose of this example I will refer to the shadow people as a "race". Now as we know human race, we see that there are both benevolent, malicious and neutral members of our society. If these supposed shadow people are indeed a "race" of beings, then is it possible that they too have benevolent and malicious members of THEIR society?

posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 05:36 PM
Luckily the breathing trouble stopped some time ago. The things that have gone on haven't compounded, they seem to come with a given situation, and be gone when the situation is over. The breathing problem and whatever it was that was playing with the lights, A/C, and dishes each happened separately, and each went away when she got out of the situation that brought them about.

I might have suggested that it had something to do with drugs, except that it stopped before my mom finally came to her senses and cleaned up.

Also, my mom is a registered nurse, and she couldn't seem to put her finger on any cause either.

If it ever comes back I'd be very interested in talking her into having it checked out and seeing if there is any rational explanation, but at this point I seem to be out of explanations and I can just be thankful that it's gone.

By the way, there's something I didn't think of as related previously, but considering the idea that these things may feed off of negative emotion I'll mentiong it: my mom's motorcycle recently blew a valve. As always seems to be the case whenever something strange is happening to my mom, it came to a very unhappy ending. In this case, the breakdown of the bike that the shadow person always seemed to be on resulted in violence against my mom, retaliatory violence against the offender, police reports, and I very nearly stopped speaking to my mother over it (because she didn't want me going after the person who hit her). I know those details are a little generic, but it's current news so I don't feel right giving every sortid detail of my mom's experience there.

Anyway, I'll hopefully be able to ask her more about it in a couple of days.

posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 06:00 PM

What your mother has is a serious condition called sleep apnea. She should see her doctor about it. There are things that can be done.

Please visit

As far as the shadow person goes.....she could very well have one...but please urge her to go to the doctor for her breathing problem.

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posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 06:08 PM
In my own opinion, shadow is neither. Shadow is neither good nor bad, I'll try to explain, generally I believe shadow possess the ability to travel through multidimensional plane, sometime they stumble upon ours. Out of curiousity they would sometimes observate us, they mean no harm their just curious like I said before. One problem though, I heard they are created of dark energy, generally in some occurances what a shadow get to close to some people or so I heard, some of those people are sensative to these energy, and get very sick to it. So yes Shadow people can make you sick, but they don't intentionally do it, so therefore they cannot be evil.

I can honestly say, they don't make me sick, and I was a feet or two away from one, several, but then again it was relatively small. Shadows in my own opinion can shapeshift, I really never saw one in it's true form, but I can tell you they can shift from anything to a rat, bird, snake to a human. It's werid, they seem to take form of what they observed, but are limited to what that can change into due to their size.

I read somewhere that when a shadow is in it's infancy it is small, as it grow older and feed on other shadow or dark energy it shall become bigger. I shall try and find a link later, it was really indepth about these things.

But here is a link to a really famous picture of one:

posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 10:38 PM
Post removed

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