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Young Labour; pro-National Service

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posted on Jan, 5 2006 @ 06:15 PM
I think somebody needs to think of a new term, because "National Service" is guaranteed to bring back images of the Vietnam Moratorium marches and, to quote John Schumann, young men with "SLRs and Greens", hardly designed to sell your product.

Poor choice of terminology

Bring back national service: Young Labour

The youth wing of the party that has traditionally opposed conscription wants to bring back compulsory national service.

The group's [NSW] president, Sam Dastyari, said there were too many young people who were not willing to contribute to society.

"It does not mean you would have to do military service or be an army cadet", he said to the Sydney Morning Herald.

That's good, because the Australian army has always opposed conscription on the grounds that "Nashos" do not make as good soldiers as those who are crazy enough to volunteer.

Sam talks about doing community service-type activities. He definitely needs to find a new term if he expects to sell this policy to the party caucaus as a viable policy.

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