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Sing praises to the Lord, which dwelleth in Zion

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posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 04:27 AM
Sing praises to the Lord, which dwelleth in Zion -Psalm 9:11

"Wisdom hath builded her house, She hath hewn out her seven pillars" Proverbs 9:1

The picture shows the star Alcyone, in the Pleiades EXACTLY due west from Washington DC at the precise moment the transponder of American airlines Flight 11 was turned off (ie the instance the hijackings commenced). The star Sirius was EXACTLY due south of New York City at an angle of 33° at this precise moment. This mutual event was repeated at the commencement of the Light Ceremony of 11th March 2002.

Alcyone, central star of the Pleiades

called Al Wasat, the Central One by the Arabs

Temennu, the Foundation Stone by the ancient Babylonians.

"Sing praises to the Lord, which dwelleth in Zion" - Psalm 9:11

Al-Qaeda (Arabic: القاعدة, al-Qâ‘idah; "the foundation" or "the base")


"1927 "The face of the deep, of course, would be toward the Pleiades, which are claimed to be the habitation of Jehovah." (Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; p. 94)

1928 "The constellation of the seven stars forming the Pleiades appears to be the crowning center around which the known systems of the planets revolve even as our sun's planets obey the sun and travel in their respective orbits. It has been suggested, and with much weight, that one of the stars of that group is the dwelling-place of Jehovah and the place of the highest heavens;..." (Reconciliation; 1928; p. 14)

1928 "The constellation of the Pleiades is a small one compared with others which scientific instruments disclose to the wondering eyes of man. But the greatness in size of other stars or planets is small when compared with the Pleiades in importance, because the Pleiades is the place of the eternal throne of God." (Reconciliation; 1928; p. 14)"

Extracts from Zion's Watchtower

The Magazine of the Jehovah's Witnessess now called simply Watchtower.


Here's a quote from the STAR WISDOM conference in Boston May 8-9 1998:-

"For countless generations, Native Americans and other indigenous
people around the world have described contact with other
intelligences in the cosmos, often calling them "star people."
The Lakota Sioux even refer to the Pleiades star system as their
original home. These peoples have accepted a relationship with
their cosmic cousins as a natural part of their worldview, a
worldview that easily accommodates inter-dimensional experience
as a part of everyday reality."


Well, I dreamed I saw the knights
In armor coming,
Saying something about a queen.
There were peasants singing and
Drummers drumming
And the archer split the tree.
There was a fanfare blowing
To the sun
That was floating on the breeze.
Look at Mother Nature on the run
In the nineteen seventies.
Look at Mother Nature on the run
In the nineteen seventies.

I was lying in a burned out basement
With the full moon in my eyes.
I was hoping for replacement
When the sun burst thru the sky.
There was a band playing in my head
And I felt like getting high.
I was thinking about what a
Friend had said
I was hoping it was a lie.
Thinking about what a
Friend had said
I was hoping it was a lie.

Well, I dreamed I saw the silver
Space ships flying
In the yellow haze of the sun,
There were children crying
And colors flying
All around the chosen ones.
All in a dream, all in a dream
The loading had begun.
They were flying Mother Nature's
Silver seed to a new home in the sun.
Flying Mother Nature's
Silver seed to a new home.



We've got 6 years.

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posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 05:45 AM
This thread should be in the "far out" speculative theories forum.

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