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Winter Storm Shuts Down Roads in Colorado

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posted on Dec, 30 2005 @ 10:19 AM

DENVER (AP) - A winter storm packing snow and wind gusts to 75 mph blew across the Colorado Rockies on Thursday, knocking down trees, causing accidents and shutting down roads including heavily traveled Interstate 70 west of Denver.

Drivers slowed to a crawl on icy, snowpacked roads in the mountains an hour outside Denver. Vehicles slid off the highway near Georgetown and farther west, on Vail Pass, said Eric Escudero of the Colorado Department of Transportation. The pass and Loveland Pass were closed at various times due to weather and accidents.

I know that snow is a normal thing for winter, but is it me or is there more snow storms this winter then last winter? The highest rate of speed these people got into driving through this part of Colorado was 5 mph. The wind gusts actually got up to about 75 mph.

Of course during a storm of this type you expect downed trees and powerlines, but it also took 2 small chimneys off of another house.


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