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See Bali from another angle

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posted on Oct, 16 2002 @ 05:10 PM
Well, it didn't target US. Because the US consulate is just in near by town, suffered only a minor damage. It targeted at multi-national. At a time when Bush got OK from Congress and now need U.N. approve for the war with Iraq.

If this bombing in Bali was done by Al-Quada, then Al-Quada seemed to help Bush to reach his goal. Push other nations to support Bush in his "War against terror".

But it's not like an Al-Quada attack. In bombings of US embassy in Africa, US Cool vessel, 911, all targets are US government's, or Jewish financial symbol. No foreigners were targetted.

Remember when this administration wanted more power, there was an anthrax attack to push through "Patriot Act". Also remember there were so many information revealed that US government knew 911 attack in advance but allowed it to happen.

JFK's death is still a puzzle since they eliminated Oswald.


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