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How do I conquer my fears?

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posted on Dec, 29 2005 @ 02:32 PM

How CAN I be aware of these thoughts???? What can I do?

Interesting, and how do we get to the subconscious? By meditating? Erasing fear in our lives?? By accepting we have nothing to fear but fear itself??

I promise you: When you are being honest with yourself, you will obtain the sum of all you have ever experienced.

Want it bad enough?


Consider this:

You are not the same person with your mate as you are with your parents.

Come to think of it, you do not present the same aspects of your personality with everyone you interact with.

You are not the same with your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband as you are with your best friend as you are with your boss as you are with your grandma as you are with your grandpa as you are with your neighbor as you are with . . .. . . etc .. .. . .

You do not act like the same person with everyone when dealing with them one on one, now are you?

Why? Fear of not being accepted for who you are. So, we only present the aspects of our personality we know they will accept willingly. We tune in to how they judge and simply adapt to their expectations because of our fear of not being accepted.

Our instincts of "Self Preserve" produce our fear of the unknown, and if you fear the unknown enough, you will not understand what truths are unknown to you because of that fear.


DNA incoded with "Self Preserve"

Self = Me Me Me . . ..
Pre = Before, prior to
Serve = To aide, to help, to love, to understand, to COMMUNICATE


Since it is apparent that your very dna is encoded with orders that cause you to fear, which is why you act differently with everyone you know, then:

Start a journal or diary. And as you are writing in it: Know no one else shall ever read it. No ones eyes but yours shall ever look at your chosen words.

Why is it so important to KNOW no one else shall ever read it?

Because you are then knowing that you are writing this soley for you and you alone. There is no need for the masks. There is no need for the deceptions, or selective truths.

Writing your thoughts and asking your questions without the burden of the fear of reprisals will permit you to write your own truth.

As you are writing, remember this:

All sensory input from all senses first get delivered to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind can only present what information is accepted by the conscious mind. Our conscious states of mind dictate how much information we can accept without enforcing or invoking fear.
What does this mean, and why is it important? It is proof that if you can think to ask the question, then you must only be able to ask the question because your subconscious mind has the answer already.

As you are addressing the issues that cloud your mind, keep it simple:

Ask a logical question, get a logical answer.

When you find the most acceptable truth for yourself, then ask the next logical question.

Continue this process and eventually you will be left with the last logical question.

But, what if you can not be sure of one of the answers?

Well, in those cases pick the few that are the best acceptable truths for you. It's not written in stone, so speculation is an available tool

Then follow those speculations to just leapfrog over the hurtles.

Then ask the next logical question.

Addressing the questions without fear opens your mind.

And, yes, you will confront ideas and thoughts that are ugly and make you feel uncomfortable, but continue on anyways.

Your brain is a computer.

You defrag your computer to decompartmentalize it, and it usually takes between 6 to 14 hours.

When is the last time you defragged your brain?

Be truthful to yourself and write.

Even if you find ugly things that make you feel uncomfortable, you have still released it from your brain. Your subconscious mind will not have to keep the uglyness, because it has seen it has already been written down in a hard copy. Condition your subconscious to discontinue trying to quantify the unknowable, and you will have won back emense portions of your own mind you did not even consciously know were there.

Once you accept your own truth, you may find you have more sensory input than you previously accepted was even possible.

posted on Aug, 30 2006 @ 06:54 AM
I thought i would pull this one out of the depths....

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