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Ghostly Vision?

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posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 06:13 AM

a couple of months ago both myself and a friend experienced a similiar vision after staying at the same hotel.

It was at a place called The Nash hotel in Geelong, Australia. Cant find much info on the net about it but it is known as an old establishment. We stayed in a bunk bed at this place over night and once returning home both passed out again (was a long night). Whilst coming in and out of conciousness in the lounge room I mentioned i had seen a wierd image of a face in my head, which to my surprise without any hesitation they said they had experienced the same thing.

It was as realistic and visual as you would expect in a deep sleep but this was happening just by closing our eyes. A vague description was of the back of some older ladies head, but she would keep turning her head to look straight into your eyes with a wierd look on her face.

This freaked us out but there was not much we could do so just continued with sleeping. However since then it has remained a topic of discussion and I was curious if anyone has had any similar experiences.

Would usually pass it off as sleep deprivation but the fact that we can both recall the same visuals at the same time after both staying in the same room at a old hotel is what wierds me out.



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