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N.J. Man Sues Over Bone Used in Operation

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posted on Dec, 21 2005 @ 12:22 PM
[A New Jersey man on Friday filed a lawsuit against three companies that harvest or market tissue for transplants and a funeral home. Gary Pieper, of Mays Landing, claims in the suit that the bone used when he underwent an operation last year was taken from a corpse without permission from the family of the deceased and was not tested for various diseases.

Pieper's lawyer said the case, filed in state court in Atlantic County, is the first of many he expects to file across the country in a situation being scrutinized by the federal Food and Drug Administration and, reportedly, criminal investigators in Brooklyn.

This is just freaky. It certainly makes people think when they have to go into a hospital for an operation of this type. To use a bone from a dead person and not get the permisson for the family or test it for diseases. I think that is just flat out negligence.

D'Arcy said he his firm plans to file 15 to 20 more suits in Atlantic County in coming weeks and has more than 40 other prospective clients across the nation. He said he plans to ask for class-action status for the cases.

My God, what people will do to further their own greedy natures. For the people filing these claims I hope they win, but I would also hope that after finding out what really happened, they went to a doctor and had themselves tested. This is certainly a very scary thought and definitely scary for those who are having to go through it.

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