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World opinion of America based on Iraq's future.

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posted on Dec, 28 2005 @ 06:40 PM

Originally posted by ElliottWilson
I think we will still be know as the country that is always stickin its nose in thers buisness's. We just havent pissed off the right country yet

or the 1 or 2 countries that have the hardware to fight a conventional war against america just arent involved openly.

posted on Dec, 28 2005 @ 06:49 PM

Originally posted by Kokasion
I think the Bush Administration has done a TERRIBLE job defending themselves, there are so many things they could have explained better. They don't have to let Bush speak all the time, saddly I feel embarrased sometimes for us Conservative-republicans when he talks. He isn't Charismatic, he isn't well learned, he doesn't have a broad Vocabulary, I'm sure he writes his own speaches.

up until now, his approval rating has actually been okay despite not finding WMDs, going against the UN, and all the whole war on terror thing. Believe it or not he has a lot of America on his side. Hell, he got re-elected.
for some reason his tricks don't work on other countries...

posted on Dec, 28 2005 @ 07:11 PM

Originally posted by feebus

Believe it or not he has a lot of America on his side

Ahhh I love it!

...anyone who is still on bushz side, frankly has to much recklessnes in there personal ability to figure out right from wrong..

On his side.. ... ... how did they become on his side?.... thats right... he pumped the airwaves 24/7 with propoganda.... around the entire globe.
Wow, dropping pamphlets from airoplanes, and driving speakers around the streets in war zones, has been completly and utterly mastered by this US government

I belive the antichrists arent PEOPLE.. its the current-climate mental status.
Its something fabricated for public manipulation by a certain entity.

Hitler created Nasim, and the Idea of a blue eyed white skinned blonde haired race.
Bush created terrorism, and the thought of alqaeda.

How can one predict the future of a country like iraq, and say there personal opinion of how the USA will ' look ' after it?
You mean after this monumental stuff up?
or after you've finally realised your going to have to kill every muslim. Because all bush has done is created a new Israel.

Look at how israel was constantly hurt from inside by the previous lands owner, and its supporters?
What is the difference in Iraq?... And dont tell me its because the public voted them in. How have they been given a choice?

If you dont vote for ' someone ' the current situation will continue.. indefinately.

yep, I can see that being a legitimate vote.
Notice how you dont hear many of the public outcries about forgery and curroption in the previous TWO votes?
But you do hear a damn lot from these "typical", smartly dressed, educated clean, fed and protected iraqi's?,
'' we are so thankful the americans are here, without them, saddam would be destroying our lives '' yeah right, notice how you never see an interview from someone standing in front of rubble, with there realitives blood, and body parts surrounding them?...

its bloody obvious that you only see one point of view out of iraq, and thats the american view. How can any member on this planet, be so unreasonable, to not see that any country who forecable invades and occupies a foreign land, then controls how the world percieves what is going on is not the most outrageous, and murderous situation to be in?

I spit on the floor every time someone says going into iraq was the right thing to do.

Saddam was a badegg, but you have to be a bad egg to control the millions of bad eggs living in your society? especially when there's so many divides in the religous grounds.

America really fell on its own sword here, you publicised this to the point of it WREAKING of americanism. the whole march to baghdad, and these realy bad weapons you gauranteed us would be there.. now the world has sat back and watched how messed up america is, to even think this would work.

and dont say terrorism, because if this was about terrorism, these 200+ thousand troops that have walked through the iraqi streets would of been walking through the afghan mountain side instead.

But then again, bush doesnt really want osama, does he!

I feel deeply saddened knowing that IRAQ is going to be an utter failure.
thinking of those poor iraqi families, that are goin to have to watch there sons, fathers go off to fire guns, while the wives and childeren stay indoors, and get bombed.

I respect the troops, because they have the courage and pride to swear to there oath, and fight when its government says.. even if they dont agree.
And I feel annoyed the men that have fallen, for this lie.

Shame on Bush. Shame on America for still being on his side i say.

[edit on 28-12-2005 by Agit8dChop]

posted on Dec, 29 2005 @ 02:34 PM
nice one Agit8dChop. Lets not forget that even a lot of the political right didnt agree with him on foreign relations, or economics. The victory won in '04 was largely due to the moral issues, i.e. abortion, gay marriage, etc... It doesnt exactly speak volumes for our intelligence as a populace, no doubt. I think only hindsite will show Bush to be the WORST president to date, and hopefully ever. I only hope Iraqis can fix the mess we started, because W is obviously flying by the seat of his pants. An occupation is an occupation is an occupation. You can put whatever other title on it you want, but history will show these events as invasion/occupation, not liberation.

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