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US Warned Not To Ignore Chinese Military Advances

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posted on Dec, 15 2005 @ 11:17 PM
A recent study by the Hudson Institute makes it sound like America is utterly unprepared for direct confrontation with China. This seems to be the general opinion coming from all Asian countries, and also Russia.

Will communism rise like a phoenix, err-- dragon, from the ashes of the USSR? Is the CCP able to topple the biggest domino of them all, the USA?

Personally I say no, but since I live in California, it's 90% hope and 10% surety.

By P. Parameswaran
Washington, Dec 14, 2005 (AFP)

The United States must prepare an effective strategy to face China's rising military power and not freeze at the Asian giant "like a deer in the proverbial headlights," a new study warned Wednesday.

Beijing's rapid technological advances mean that the United States "must plan seriously" for its development of weapons of greater complexity and power, said the study by the Hudson Institute, a Washington-based conservative think tank.

The report, entitled "China's New Great Leap Forward: High Technology and Military Power in the Next Half-Century," warned that the US government is too preoccupied with its "war on terror" and democratization of the Middle East and Central Asia.

The study itself can be downoaded here. I am reading it now.

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